Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday Morning Market 2013 Kickoff

A couple Saturdays ago (I'm a slacker and haven't been posting) Parker had a soccer game in the morning, but we wanted to go to the downtown morning market to get some fresh veggies and walk around and look at what some of the local vendors had to sell. It was such a beautiful day and the weather perfect for browsing.

Now that the weather is starting to cool off (for Florida anyway), I want to start going to the market more. It's a great way to tire the kids out (we go to a nearby grassy area) and get a few items and support local businesses.

trying to pop the large bubbles

lots of vendors to see

we got some fresh produce
purple okra...we didn't buy these...i'm scared to cook okra. I guess b/c i don't know how to? one of my favorite sides from Cracker Barrel is their fried okra. you can't go wrong w/ anything fried, right?

yummy yellow squash!

we got these freshly popped rice cakes...although they taste a little corn-ish, so maybe they are corn cakes. i swear the sign said rice cakes. regardless they were delicious!

the rice/corn cakes were huge and the kids gobbled them up!

attempting a family pic

trying to get the kids to burn off some energy so i told them to race each other a few times

hubby and me

my sweet babies and me

my sweet boy and me

beautiful day!

it's large i told ya, and that wasn't even a whole one!

trying to get a pic w/ Lola while daddy goes and get the truck from the parking garage

beautiful baby girl in her garnet and gold

the kiddos were a bit obsessed with the branches that fell from the palm trees...hey whatever occupies them and keeps them entertained