Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

I stumbled upon this recipe on where else but Pinterest. Anyway, I've never been a fan of chicken and dumplings, but Kevin likes it so when I saw how easy this recipe was, I decided to give it a try and that was almost a year ago. It was a big hit with my family! I even shared it with my best friend, Lauren's, sister and now it's one of her family's favorite recipes. Lauren's mom also loves this recipe and has shared it with her co-workers. It's that yummy! And the big bonus is that it's super easy!

I decided to make it tonight even though it's not chilly outside since I never made it a few weeks ago as planned when it was cold out and I still had all the ingredients. Kevin even requested I make this in the middle of the summer! He likes it that much! As always, I made changes to the original recipe - nothing big, but just added a few things. Here's my version:

- 4 chicken breasts
- 2 cans of cream of chicken soup
- 1 (14 oz) can of chicken broth (I use low sodium, fat free)
- 2 small white onions (diced)
- dried parsley (the kids like to help "cook" and shake the container over the pot)
- Italian herbs
- black pepper
- frozen peas and carrots (I just eyeball how much to put in, but I do tend to go heavy on veggies. I usually add celery too, but Kevin made boneless buffalo chicken for dinner last night and we ate the last bit of the celery with it)
- 1 can of refrigerator biscuit like Pillsbury (the original recipe only calls for 4, but the first time I made it I used 6 since the Publix brand was smaller and Kevin requested I add more next time. So now I use the whole can, which has 10 biscuits)

1. Mix diced onions, both cans of soup, broth, black pepper, parsley and Italian herbs (I don't measure my herbs - I eyeball it, depends on how much you like) in crock pot.
2. Cover and cook on high 4-6 hours or on low for 8 hours.
3. About 35 minutes before it is about done, take biscuits out of the fridge and cut each biscuit into 6 pieces and set aside.
4. Take a pair of tongs and shred the chicken while in crockpot. It should fall apart easily, but I like to leave a few chunky pieces.
5. Add veggies and biscuit pieces into crock pot. Stir.
6. Cover and let the biscuits cook and the veggies warm up for about 30 min.

Enjoy the yummy goodness of this dish!

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