Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Goodbye, Elfs!

The night before Christmas Eve was Elfs last night with us. He went back to the North Pole last night after the kids went to bed. For his last night with us, he decided to play a little joke on us and we woke up looking like this on Christmas Eve morning:

We have red spots on our noses (sorry the pics aren't that good)...Elfs made us look like Rudolph!

My mom got up with the kids and let Kevin and me sleep in til 10:45 (what?!?) so when I came out of my room Parker immediately ran over and in a very concerned voice asked: "What happened your nose?". I looked down at him and asked: "What happened to YOUR nose?". He grabbed his nose and then looked closely at Lola (my mom) and Avery who all had faint "red" spots on their noses and started laughing. 

When he found Elfs sitting on my craft shelf with a red marker (thank goodness he decided to use washable marker instead of the red permanent marker I had!), he cried: "Elfs, you so silly! You draw on my nose and on my finger!". Somehow I don't think Elfs meant for your finger to look like Rudolph...I think you must have moved while he was drawing on your nose and got freaked out and accidentally drew on your finger.

Avery's nose wasn't as red b/c I think she also moved as soon as Elfs touched the marker on her nose and he had to run away as fast as he could before she woke up.

Nobody was safe from Elfs' mischief...even Lola got a Rudolph nose!

sporting our Rudolph noses - even Avery said "Eh, see-wee" (Elfs silly)

freshly drawn Rudolph noses

We said goodbye to Elfs on Christmas Eve. The kids looked for him this morning, but we had to remind them that he went back to the North Pole and would be back next year. I've gotta step up my game next year - it will be so much more fun b/c Avery will really be into it too. Although, I'm surprised about how excited she got when she found Elfs. She usually finds him after Parker does b/c she wakes up later and the first thing Parker did each morning was to look for Elfs. I think though that the Rudolph nose will be a tradition for us to do - Parker got such a kick out of it! 

Did your Elf on the Shelf do anything crazy this Christmas season? Please share ideas!

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