Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sea World - Part Two

I had to break up the post...it was getting way too lengthy...I know I talk a lot! But then again, this is my "journal" and I don't want to forget what happened when I look back years from now! And let's face it, I probably won't remember next week!

After dinner we were going to see the Shamu Christmas...Miracles, but it wasn't until 7:45 and it was only 7:00. Problem is the stadium was already filling up! What the heck were we going to do with three 3-year olds and a 19 month old (Mason at 6 could be trusted to behave)?!? At one point all the kids had their parent's phone (Parker had his iPod) and playing games or watching movies, but that lasted maybe 10 minutes!

 Solution: Lola offered to buy the kids glowing swords and necklaces. SOLD! She actually only had a $20 b/c she didn't want to break a larger bill and needed $25. Silly Lola actually suggested that we not buy Avery one b/c she's still "little". I laughed b/c Miss Sassy would have been the first one to throw a fit and grab someone else's toy and cause drama! So she got a necklace, which she wanted nothing to do with unless it was around someone else's neck. But no way would I have gotten her a sword b/c she would have been bopping everyone in the head and poking everyone's eye out. I found $5 stuffed in my wallet - lucky for Avery!

The show was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!! Even Kevin said so! It's nothing like the regular Shamu show, which to me is boring. I think the combination of all the lights and Christmas music really made a difference!

I wish I had brought my camcorder or had my phone near me to record these crazy 3 year olds...they kept laughing their heads off, yelling, and dancing their little booties to all the Christmas music!

take a wild guess what these 4 whales were doing...

splashing everyone! it was a warm night, but no way would i have sat in the splash zone!

Avery and Audrey dancing - these girls love to dance!

i just want to pet them...thank you for the amazing show "Shamus"

After the Shamu show, we looked at the Sea of Trees and walked across the bridge...so pretty.

as we were walking along, it started to snow. ok, so it's December in Central Florida. It didn't really snow, but I'm a bit embarassed hesitant to say that I did get a little excited.

Parker (left) and Owen - best buddies!

I tried to re-create the same pic as Parker and Owen's where it was just a dark outline of their bodies...no luck. I should really learn how to use my camera...

            (Above): Nemo was staring right back at me!
            (Right): wierd looking sea horse - forgot the actual name

we went to pet the sting rays where the boys' shirts and shorts got a bit lot wet. Parker was a bit scared...he stuck his hand in the water to play, but pulled it out whenever a sting ray came too near.

Ok, I'm posting the following 2 shots, but promise to not laugh. Mmmm, k?

me...finally petting a sting ray. I was in a different spot and my mom told me to move to this spot, which would give me better access. Then she stood in my old spot and petted like 5 sting rays before I even petted 1! No, I'm not upset...much! Anyway, I had my camera held away from me b/c I know my clumsy self would somehow drop it into the water then I'd be bawling my eyes out then Lauren took it from me. I thought she was putting it in the stroller for me...

she was even able to capture the "ick" moment...right after I petted the sting ray. I was expecting rubbery like a dolphin, but sting rays are some what fuzzy and slimy. Reminds me of green algae that grows on top of coral/rocks...not that I've felt them, but just what I would invision. I was pretty grossed out!

Then I realized it was almost 9:00 and I wanted to see the fireworks at 8:55 pm. Weirdly enough they hadn't started yet. We asked an employee that we walked ran by where the fireworks would be at and at the same time texted Tiffany to see where they were at. Then we started wondering what time the fireworks actually started. Tiffany thought it was 10:55 - right before the park closed and it was the correct time. I had thought the park closed at 9 pm. But I swore that the show time I looked at online said 8:55, which I just confirmed, but it's the Holiday Reflections:Fireworks and Fountain Finale. I don't think it's the same thing, but we still didn't hear any fireworks! A bunch of people were leaving the park so we decided to not leave yet since it would probably take us a while to get out of the parking lot.

so we leisurely walked back near the sting rays to go see the dolphins and stopped at the tree to take pics

my first thought when I saw this pic??? OMG, I'm leaking and nobody told me...then I remembered my child is 19 months and has been weaned for a long a time. it's just water from leaning over the sting rays' tank...still not the most ideal wet spot!

eating some popcorn - they've been enjoying their new ritual with Daddy: movie night and popcorn while Mommy's not home

having a sword fight - fine with us as long as they didn't whack each other's heads or poked each other's eyes out!

We left soon after the boys had their sword fight and had some time to run and chase each other. We had such a great time playing with family and friends! Although the kids napped less than 1 hour each, they didn't really have too many meltdowns. In fact, Parker only really cried/whined about the Polar Express, which came up a few times, but nothing crazy. Avery was her usual sassy self, but had no major meltdown. Then again, I think she had her binkie in her mouth some most of the time! 

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