Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Xmas Wish List

Ok, so Kevin and I aren't exchanging gifts this year, but I still have a wish's like window shopping! lol

1. Immersion Blender $17 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond - not necessarily this, but I want one of these b/c I've been on a soup kick lately and this would help minimize the cleanup!

2. Zinnia Measuring Spoons $10 at Pier 1. These were on sale just a few days ago - back to full price now. Should have bought it then!!!

3. Zinnia Measuring Cups $15 at Pier 1. These were on sale too. Sigh!

3. Plug in Wax Warmer $8 (currently on sale - $10 regular price) at Wal-Mart. LOVE these - have one for my vanity area and want one for the kid's bathroom. I'd rather not have one with a cord attached - ya know, b/c Parker washing his hands by himself means water everywhere. 

4. Wax Warmer $12 at Walmart - same as above, but it's not a plug in. Well it plugs in, but there's a cord. 

5. Wax Cubes $10 for a pack of 5 at Walmart online, but the store sells them for $2/pack. The cupcake scent is my favorite scent and for cheap wax, it really makes a large room smell yummy. Much better than some of the more expensive wax out there!

6. Tervis Tumbler $19 at Bed Bath and Beyond for a 24 oz tumbler w/ a lid. I have cheap knock offs, but you can't put hot drinks in them and I want to use it for coffee too. Not necessarily this one, but a cute one. LOVE that it's plastic and has a lid - a must when you've got a 19 month old who loves to grab your cup when you turn your head the other way. She can drink out of a cup, but sometimes gets too excited and spills it all over herself and the floor

7. Bed Rest Pillow $20 at Target. I didn't know what these were called. I googled "reading pillow". I had one ages ago, but Kevin threw it away during one of our moves. I don't know why! I want one b/c I love to read or watch TV in bed and this is the perfect pillow. It's a lot more comfy than folding up a couple of pillows behind me. Not necessarily this color. 

8. Glass Apothecary Jars $27 on To put decorative items in it. My fireplace mantle is in need of some decorations.

9. Germ Guardian UVC & True HEPA Air Purifier $150 at Target. This is my big ticket item - I want it for our living room. The kids have one for each of their rooms. I bought it earlier this year b/c they were sick on and off for a few months and I was tired of it. I thought I'd try anything - plus we can turn it on high and use it as a white noise machine for naps and bed time. It may be coincidence, but the kids got better within a week. The kids haven't really been sick after I bought the air purifiers except for a handful of runny noses that disappeared within a few days and I think those were allergies or teething. 
Hmm...I just realized that my list comprises of things for the house with the exception of the tumbler and the pillow and even those can be considered household items. I've become BORING! Ok, so to become un-boring...I'm gonna add some "me" stuff.

10. Madison Leather Tote $298 - Papaya color. LOVE the bright color. Sigh...I haven't bought a new Coach purse in a while...not that I NEED a new one, but now that I've looked, I do WANT one.

Ok, kids life intruded...I only have time to search for 1 item. It's a bit sad that I only have 1 "fun" item. I guess I've gotten to the point where I don't really want things for me - I just want some cute stuff for the kids and for the house. WOW! I feel so grown up! lol 

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