Monday, April 29, 2013

Gardening Season 2013

Ok so calling it a garden is probably a stretch, but whatever. You might recall from this post that the kids and I went to Home Depot on Easter Sunday to buy some gardening materials. We planted our garden and I'm sad to say that I'm not as into it this year as I was last year. Probably b/c I wake up at 6:45 am, don't get home til 7:30 pm, I'm playing with the kids, and doing stuff around the house until 11. Anyway, we 3 containers and we planted: daisies, beets, and sweet peppers.

blurry pic of my daisies...they're growing, but barely. This was a couple of weeks ago so there's more "sprouts" and some have gotten bigger, but nothing to get too excited about.
my baby beets sprouted about a week after they were planted

Baby beets about 2 wks ago

my gorgeous baby beets on Saturday...then a few seconds after taking this pic this HUGE worm (Kevin said it looked like a caterpillar) literally crawled from under all the soil and just stared at me! Ok, it didn't stare at me, but I did shriek when I saw it. Kevin threw it into our crazy neighbor's yard (shhh!!!), but I swear if that stinkin' worm ate all my baby beets I'm gonna be so mad!!! They should be ready in another 3-4 weeks!

My peppers are barely growing...I think there are maybe 2 little teeny tiny sprouts coming up. Nothing worth mentioning really.

Parker has really loved watching our garden grow. I have the pot of daisies by our garage and every time we come home he points out my pretty "flowers". He also likes to look out my bedroom door to see the beets growing. I wonder if he'll try a bite once I pull them up??? He loved our cucumbers last year! Then again he and Avery love cucumbers in general.

I still have other plants that I want to plant, but just haven't had the time. April has been such a busy month for us. We've had something going on every weekend and I was out of town 2 weekends in a row. I'm hoping May will be calmer month for us!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just Another Mutilated Tongue...

Waaaaiiiit....what, you ask?!? No Parker's tongue is doing fine. Def looking a lot better than this! No Kevin's tongue is fine. My tongue is fine...well I do have a teeny tiny canker sore, but I ain't complaining after what Parker went through. Nope, I'm NEVER going to complain about one ever again...or try not to anyway! Oh, what about Avery you ask? No, her tongue isn't fine.

You see last night we went over to a friend's house. Kevin and Parker had gone to a fishing tournament and Avery and I went and grabbed some dinner and hung out. But we all got invited to go to a friend's house after the tourny. While Parker was swimming with some friends Avery was goofing around the pool deck and trying to avoid our friend's 2 huge Boxers. They are sweet dogs, but one of them gets a little excited. It wasn't even the dog's fault so I digress. Avery was running around the wet pool deck after being told not to. And I'm sure you can guess what happened. She slipped and literally slammed her chin into the deck. My friend Sarah thought she knocked a tooth out. I picked her up and cuddled her, made her open her mouth and then almost threw up when I saw all the blood. I took her inside to get a better look and it just didn't look like it was gonna stop bleeding. My friend Lauren grabbed a wet paper towl and thankfull Avery cooperated and stuck her tongue out so I could put a little pressure on it. Lauren helped calm Avery down and I think Avery developed a little crush b/c she apparently followed Lauren around for a bit last night. The highlight of Avery's night, however, had to be when Sarah waived a popsicle around. Tears and boo boo forgotten and she gobbled that popsicle down! It finally stopped bleeding after she ate her popsicle and thankfully she hasn't said her mouth hurts and has been eating normally.

So what about you??? Any tongue issues in your family? I hope not...I'm over these tongue injuries!

Her tongue has a little bit of the white stuff that Parker's tongue got. Nothing to the extent of his of course, but still yucky! My poor babies!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bite Your Tongue

We had a crazy time at our house a couple of weeks ago. Do you remember this post about Avery? Well Parker wasn't about to be outdone by his little sister! And boy did he top her black eye injury with a big whopper!

Parker had his last dentist appointment Wed April 10th to get his 3 other cavities filled on the left side. If you remember, he previously had the right side done. I was going to be going out of town for my cousin's wedding the next day and I had already re-scheduled the appointment a couple of times and early morning appointments book months in advance so I had to keep this appointment. Thankfully, my mom was already in town b/c we were flying to NC together the next day. I figured I'd stay with Parker and my mom until they took him to the back. So we hung out in the small room while we waited for the anesthesia to kick in. About 45 minutes later, the called Parker to the back, I said goodbye, and dropped Avery off at daycare. Kevin picked my mom and Parker up about 45 min later. Everything had gone well according to the nurse who called me after the procedure was finished.

My mom called me around 11:30 asking if we had cotton balls. When I asked why, she said for Parker to bite down on. I didn't think much of it since he had a hard time keeping the gauze in his mouth the last time and I figured the gauze probably fell on the floor. She also mentioned that Parker was acting a bit crazy and running around. I told her to try and keep him still and to put a movie on. Then I get a somewhat frantic call from Kevin around 12:30 saying that Parker had basically torn his tongue apart. I heard hysterical crying in the background. I frantically gathered my stuff, drove home, called and left a couple messages for the dentist to call back. When I got home, I saw Parker's practically mutilated tongue and waited anxiously for the dentist to get back from lunch. I didn't wait for them to call exactly 1:30, I called the office. After explaining what happened, they agreed to see us right away. Dr. W said there wasn't much to be done and to continue giving him Motrin for pain and they would prescribe antibiotics to ward off any possible infection. He also advised that his tongue would swell and look a lot worse than it actually was. I was a little relieved when we left the office, but felt so horrible for Parker.

He was pretty clingy and didn't want to let me out of his sight. I decided to take him to McDonald's to get a frozen yogurt to help with his tongue and since the only thing he had eaten/drank since dinner the night before was the drinkable yogurt I told my mom to give him. He gobbled up his ice cream and said he was still hungry. I'm a selfish Mommy and decided to get myself some fries, which I hid behind my purse, but of course Parker saw them and wanted some. I was deathly afraid to give him any...or rather afraid of his reaction when the salty fries hit his tongue so convinced him that the fries would hurt his tongue. Thankfully he accepted my reason and I ended up throwing away half my fries. I deserved to starve after eating them in front of my starving child! I convinced him to not eat when we got home and finally got him to nap.

Parker ended up running a fever after his nap...just 101 degrees, which according to the paperwork the dentist sent home with my mom, this was normal. If it didn't respond to fever reducing meds or went above 101 then we were to call the dentist. Thankfully his fever went down
He went back to school the next day (I figured the fevers weren't due to an illness and the dentist said it was normal after having aprocedure). My mom and I left for NC and Kevin was left to fend for himself. Umm...yeah if I had known how this would have all gone down I would have cancelled my flight!!! Parker was miserable the whole weekend and threw tantrums left and right. Poor Kevin had to do everything by himself.

It took Parker's tongue about a week to heal. During that time he barely ate. I'm already a bit very OCD about making sure the kids eat enough healthy foods so this was a really tough time for me. Kevin made Parker tons of smoothies (made w/ strawberries, bananas, kale, quinoa, protein powder, yogurt, and milk), which he thinks of as special treats and LOVES them. But after having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a couple of days he was over them. Kevin switched to chocolate milk just to get some calories in him. Weird thing was on Thursday Kevin got a call to pick Parker up from preschool b/c he has a 101.5 temp. Parker asked for chips...umm salt + HUGE sores on tongue = not a good idea. Kevin delayed this but getting him to take a nap, but the first thing out of his mouth when he woke up was chips. Kevin said he ate a huge helping of sour cream and onion chips without any complaints. Yet on Sunday he couldn't even eat cake at his cousin's bday party! Hmm...

Anyway, when I got home from my trip on Sunday we switched him to PediaSure to make sure he gets calories. At $10 per 6 small bottles, they weren't cheap, but that was pretty much all he was "eating". I also mixed his nasty tasting antibiotics in with the PediaSure to help mask the taste. It had been a fight to get Parker to take his meds every morning and night, but this way Parker just thought yucky medicine was all gone. Sneaky, sneaky! It was a tough week, but we all made it alive...barely!

WARNING!!! Graphic pics've been warned...they are quite gross looking pics of Parker's tongue! If you look and end up throwing up don't blame've been warned!!!

Parker's tongue the day it happened...see the chocolate milk mustache?

This was on Friday...Dr. W warned us that lots of white stuff would be on his tongue and that it would look a lot worse than it actually was, but I was not prepared to get this text from Kevin!

On Saturday...looked much better
On Sunday...looked a whole lot better.

It's been 2 weeks and Parker's tongue is healed for the most part. There are still a couple of small spots that have tiny sores, but he hasn't complained about them and he is eating normal.

Wedge Salad

I don't know about you, but I've never been a huge fan of iceberg lettuce...that is until I had a wedge salad. I've had wedge salads before, but for some reason my taste bud changed the weekend of my 5th wedding anniversary. All the restaurants we went to had a wedge salad and for some reason each one just drew my eye!

Yesterday afternoon I asked Kevin to go to Publix after work to get some ingredients to make a wedge salad. I JUST HAD TO HAVE A WEDGE SALAD FOR DINNER!!! Thankfully he indulged my craving and had it all pretty much prepared by the time I got home from work. Have I said before that I have the most amazing husband??? My stomach was growling during the drive home and my mouth was literally watering at the thought of that first bite. Crazy? Yeah probably!

The kids had already eaten, but my kids like to eat off my plate, especially Avery. She kept asking for "more sah-wee". I would only give her small pieces of lettuce with a little dressing. One time I snuck a little piece of bacon and her eyes lit up as if I had just given her chocolate! lol Parker will occasionally eat salad too, but he didn't want a bite of mine. Is it bad that I was a little relieved since I already had to share my plate with Avery? lol Anyway here's the deliciously mouth watering wedge salad recipe:

Gather it:
1 head of iceberg lettuce, quartered (you can cut it in smaller wedges, but this was dinner so we had bigger portions)
tomatoes, diced and seeded
red onion, diced
bacon, cooked and crumbled
blue cheese crumbles
hard boiled eggs
blue cheese dressing
freshly ground pepper

Make it:
1) Hard boil eggs and fry bacon. Allow both to cool. You can place eggs in an icewater bath to cool faster. Meanwhile cut and dice everything else.

2) Place lettuce wedge on plate and top with everything else.

The Friday before our anniversary we went to Mitchell's Fish Market for drinks and then the wedge salad literally called out my name...I think the dressing was homemade and I was tempted to ask if I could buy a bottle of it!
This was our actual anniversary dinner at Island Way. I was only going to get sushi, but again the wedge salad just kept saying: "pick me! pick me!". It was good, but I think they decided to add the bacon drippings too and def slathered on the dressing, which wasn't homemade and not as good as Mitchell's. Regardless, it was still delicious.

Typing this all up makes me want another wedge 8:15

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Black Eye at 23 months old

What kind of a title is that you ask? Before you question our parenting isn't our fault. Really it wasn't! I swear! It all started as I was on my way home from work last Monday and Kevin sent me a text saying "Avery gave herself a black eye". Avery often evident in this post. But when I got home I got the real story: Kevin had given both kids a bath and was cleaning up their rooms while the kids watched TV in the living room. Last he saw Avery was sitting in her pink chair. Then he heard a LOUD bang and Avery started to cry. He ran to the living room and saw Parker sitting on the arm of Avery's chair and Avery is huddled over by the coffee table. Kevin asked Parker what happened to Sissy and he said that he pushed her and she hit her head on the table. However, when Kevin sent Parker to timeout, he decided to change his story and say he didn't push Avery after all and Kevin couldn't get him to admit fault again. Since he didn't actually see it happen he didn't push Parker into going to timeout.

So I got home and this is what I found:
see how puffy her right eyebrow/lid is

By the next morning this is what it looked like and I thought her eye would be fine:

puffy eye...I was nervous to talk to her nanny about it. I didn't want her to think we punched Avery or something and call DCF! But Ms. Debbie was great and pointed out Avery's friend "A" had a matching bump and cut on her forehead.

 Two days later on Wednesday am, her eyelid had a slight blue-ish tint to it and she still had a bump on her eyebrow/temple 

Still, I thought she'd be fine. I figured it would have turned blue, purple, green, black by now!

My mom and I left on a trip to NC on Thursday am. This is what it looked like when we came home on Sunday:

my mom was so taken aback that she practically pounced on Kevin and kept asking what happened. She didn't realize it was the same injury that happened the week before and we had already told her about when she came down on Tuesday. I cannot believe how bruised it got! She must have hit that coffee table pretty hard! Poor baby girl! We went to my nephew's bday party after the airport and a couple of people thought it was eyeshadow! Umm, no...that would be her first shiner at the tender age of 23 months! Parker has never even had a black eye (knock on wood!!!) and the kid is clumsier than Avery! She likes showing it off too like it's a badge of honor...she closes her eyes and says "boo boo".  She can be so girly sometimes and such a tomboy other times. Sigh!

I know I'm not the first parent to have a kid with a black eye, but I think I freaked out a little bit when I saw how bruised it actually got. I don't think I've ever seen a black eye up close before! It ain't pretty! What's the worst injury your kid has ever had? Was it as traumatizing for you as it was for them? Avery was fine after the first initial bump, but meeeh, I can't look at her eye without wanting to cry!

What's in a preschooler's lunch?!?

I have a hard time figuring out things to put in Parker's lunch. When I was a stay at home mom he ate really well, but now that I pack his lunch he has refused some of the things he used to eat like peanut butter sandwiches, cucumber rings, and carrot sticks. There have been times when I open  his lunch container and I see that it's full of food and I'm like "what did you eat???" Uusally when I find something that he will like and then that's what I pack for his lunch for the next week or so until he gets tired of it.

I try to keep his lunches simple, but he MUST have fruit, carb, protein, and milk. If I can squeeze veggies in there then I try even if it's just a few carrot sticks, otherwise, he gets his veggies at dinner time. But, I need ideas! What do you feed your preschooler?

before he started preschool I made Parker a lunch similar to what I was thinking of packing for him: half an apple, carrot sticks, peanut butter sandwich, and a few mini chocolate chips. He also had milk. Note: the chocolate chips were a special treat and he does not get treats at lunch. The beginning of February was the last time he ate a peanut butter sandwich. Every time I pack him one, he doesn't eat it.
lunch all gone!!!

ham sandwich, apple slices, carrot sticks, grapes, cashews...and milk

Parker's fairygodmother suggested using pita pockets to see if he would eat sandwiches. Parker loved the idea, but ate only half a pita. he also had plums, carrot sticks, pecans, and milk.

Daddy packed his lunch: pretzel chips, honeydew, red ants (craisins) on a log. Kevin was so proud of himself for this idea. Unfortunately Parker who normally loves celery ate only a few bites.

grapes, plums, hard boiled egg, carrot sticks, and banana/blueberry/pecan mini muffins. Fairygodmother said the muffins didn't sound too appetizing, but all I tasted was banana and pecans.

pecans, hard boiled egg, blueberries, and muffins

clementines, pretzel fish, pecans, and peanut butter sandwiches cut into teddy bear and giraffe shapes. sandwiches weren't as a big of a hit as I hoped they would be.

strawberries and blueberries, ham pieces cut in animal shapes, colby jack cheese cut into flower, a plain rice cake. This lunch was a huge hit!

pineapple (he normally loves it, but barely touched it!), carrot sticks, ham cubes, rice cake, and milk (not shown)
milk, clementines, pecans, hard boiled egg, granola bar, pretzel chips...most of this was eaten except for a couple of nuts and a few bites of the egg
ham, pecans, rice cake, granola bar, dried mangoes...most was eaten!
diced mangoes, peanut butter crackers, yogurt raisins, yogurt, milk...this lunch was a HUGE hit. Parker's teacher said he was so excited about his mangoes! lol
this was Parker's lunch the Thursday before Easter (he didn't go to school on Good Friday)...he LOVED his blue hard boiled egg. Ate almost everything except the mangoes...guess the newness of it wore off. lol
yogurt raisins, peanut butter crackers, milk, string cheese (he had boycotted cheese months ago, but decided he likes cheese again), cantaloupe. this lunch was ALL GONE!!!

Now please share your lunch ideas for your preschooler! I need some ideas!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Beach Day 2013

We went to the beach for the first time last weekend. We went a few times last summer and Avery liked it, but she really got into it this year. She loved walking down the beach and looking for seashells. She would run to the water, but when a small wave would roll into the sand, she'd run away giggling and screaming with delight. She's also a people watcher and she's not exactly discreet either. She will walk up to people until she's just a few feet away and just stare...AWKWARD! Good thing she's cute and her smile is infectious so people just laugh and say hi. How do  you teach an almost 2 year old the concept of "stranger danger"?

Parker also had a blast. He loves playing in the sand. I think he could have laid around in the sand all day and would have been fine. I've also realized that he gets tanned fast!!! I put SPF 50 on him about 1 hour before we left the house and sprayed him a few times with SPF 70 in the 3-3.5 hours we were at the beach. He def got my skin tone and my ability to even tan in the shade!

So here are some pics...

walking to the beach...note to self: Avery is a very slow walker on sand...taking her flip flops off helps a little bit

pretty girl! LOVE this color on her. It's more of a coral color, but looks pink in the pics

3 little loves enjoying a gorgeous Sunday morning

another note to self: do not use rubber bands in Avery's hair then spray her head down w/ sunscreen (her hair is thin and she's got Kevin's lighter skin tone) b/c the rubber bands will become brittle and literally snap halfway to the beach and she'll have these "wings"...thank goodness Aunt Missy had an extra hair tie even though it was a large one and gave her a funky ponytail

pb&j sandwich + apple slices + sand + sprinkles of salt water = lunch

stuffed his mouth after I told him to hurry up and eat his lunch before the seagulls dive in and grab his food! lol

picky girl got to eat 2 granola bars, apple slices, and 1 tiny bite of pb&j

look at how tanned his back got! his first day out on the beach! and look at those ginormous feet! He's wearing size 12's at the age of 3.5. How is it that the next size is a "big boy" size???

LOVE his dimples...I rarely get a pic of him with a true smile that shows off his dimples

picking seashells...too bad Parker grabbed our bucket of seashells and decided to set them free in the water

would you believe me if I said she's wearing a 3T bathing suit at 23 months old? It's a little big on the bottom, but not much. Maybe it will still fit next year when she's hopefully potty trained!

Florida life...relaxing on a beach chair and watching my family play in the sand and water

Parker and DD playing with sand trucks

Avery and Lila looking at the planes flying by advertising nearby beach restaurants. Avery adores her older cousin and wanted to copy her and kicked me out of MY beach chair so she could sit down next to her "Why-wa".

with just a few minutes left til we got home, Avery started to fall asleep in the car. She clung on to Kevin and just sat down on the kitchen floor when he put her down. She then cried, pointed to her crib, and said "bed, bed, bed!" when I went directly to the kids' bathroom to get their bath going. Poor baby girl!

We had so much fun at the beach! The not so fun part was giving the kids a quick rinse with the VERY cold showers near the parking lot. Have I mentioned that my kids HATE showers and refuse to shower. They love their baths. Parker screamed blood murder and I caught a few people looking at us to make sure we weren't beating him up or something. No people, it's just a cold shower. So while Kevin got Parker changed in the car, it was Avery's turn. Well really OUR turn b/c I couldn't just put her on the ground, press/hold the button to get the shower turned on without getting wet myself. She too screamed blood murder.

We will go to the beach again soon since the kids had such a blast, but I think we will wait until our eardrums recover first.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

After the kids went to bed (they crashed right away!), I the Easter bunny realized that Avery had a ton of stuff for her basket and Parker only had a few things. The Easter bunny then sent his helper out to Target to scrounge up a few items.

Parker's basket: he got a "goodnight construction site" book (looongest bedtime story ever!), a Cars book that he is obsessed with, Disney character undies (b/c the EB heard he needs new ones), candy covered pretzels, Oreo cookies, Lightning McQueen sports bottle and snack bowl, a pen (he is always asking to draw and pencils are for babies), a bird house (EB overheard him telling Mommy that he wanted to "make" a birdhouse and EB knew his Mommy isn't all that crafty), and new sneakers (which sorry EB, you picked out the wrong size and Mommy had to go to Target and exchange them).

Avery's basket: Minnie Mouse undies (b/c I'm really wanting to potty train her soon), owl book, pad of paper w/ butterflies, candy covered pretzels, Oreo cookies, mini Peter Rabbit book, her own set of crayons (that she hopefully won't eat), plastic bracelets (both her AND Parker love these), a pen (she loves to draw too), and sneakers (EB knew that her Mommy wanted her to start wearing shoes other than her beloved Mary Jane style shoes and picky girl needed something bright and pretty to help convince her to stick a toe inside the shoe).

LOVE his reaction! I'm a bit bummed that I missed seeing his face when he first saw his basket. Parker normally comes into my room when he first wakes up - he RARELY goes straight for the living room. I had prepped my camera the night before and I had it sitting on my dresser. I was going to grab it and make Parker stay in my room until I got all situated. Umm, yeah  I heard the toilet flush...then after a minute he still hadn't come into my room. I checked the monitor and he didn't go back to bed so I smacked Kevin and told him Parker was in the living room. I bolted out of bed and grabbed the camera and Parker's face when I came out of my room was priceless. It was as if he couldn't believe the Easter bunny came. I believe his words were: "Easter bunny came and bring this for me!" I think he knew to go straight to the living room b/c back at Xmas time we had sprinkled reindeer food and the next morning Santa brought his train, which was in the living room. Next year I'm going to set up a barricade and tell Parker he can't go into the living room w/o me!

Avery was still asleep, but Kevin decided to buy some special treats, which we shared w/ our lovely next door neighbors. Slacker me walked over in my pajamas and they were all dressed up and ready to go to church already. lol

Sleepyhead...we had to wake her up. She slept past 9 am! Look at that stretch. By the way, that frog mat is a baby mat. She has refused to lay down on her changing pad for months now and insists on "froggie".

checking her loot out

what could have caused her to have a meltdown??? hunger pains and mommy refused to let her eat cookies and candy covered pretzels.

funny how a little cereal can change her disposition so fast! as Kevin likes to say, she takes after her Mommy when she's hungry! lol

all ready to see what the Easter bunny left on the lawn after he ate the Easter bunny food the kids sprinkled all over the lawn the night before. When Kevin the Easter bunny's helper got home the night before he noticed that there were already eggs sprinkled all through the yard. Our next door neighbors have it on good authority that the EB hopped into both our yards and left all the eggs.

so excited to get to all the jelly beans that she tripped

she recovered and back in business

Parker couldn't decide where to go next...he'd go to a spot with a bunch of eggs and grab a couple, but then see a bunch more out of the corner of his eye and leave a few eggs behind.

hmm..where did the Easter bunny hide that egg...Mommy and Daddy say I'm "warm"...

looking for a "bean"

Parker found the "golden egg" with NINE jelly beans! lucky boy since the other eggs only had 1 jelly bean in each egg b/c the Easter bunny doesn't like how Avery is already addicted to "beans"

so proud of his loot!

...and she trips and falls wonder she's black and blue all over!

7 measly eggs...she ate all the jelly beans, discarded the chocolate and the bubbles, the other 2 were left alone b/c they didn't rattle when she shook them (stickers)

"Moooommmmy...we're busy trying to cram as much candy in our mouths as possible!"

"Aaaa-reeee!!! That my egg!" Yep...Avery started to raid Parker's basket when she realized she didn't have anymore jelly beans. I had to tell Parker that he got most of the eggs and had to share. He relented...and gave her 2. lol

the golden egg w/ NINE jelly beans!

The kids and I went to Home Depot to get some gardening stuff and we spent the morning doing yard work.
spring cleaning the outside toys and we planted some bell peppers, beets, and daisies. And looking at the backyard...looks like we need to "plant" some grass too

helping Daddy clean up the overgrowth of elephant ears

Kevin's parents came down for Easter this year and we had an egg hunt at my sister in law's house and had a huge delicious dinner. We had dinner alfresco and enjoyed the gorgeous Florida weather...before it gets to 90 degrees and 90% humidity sets.

My in laws bought the kids all matching outfits (they have 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters) and the outfits were so adorable! I'd love to post pics of all the kiddos in their outfits, but my sister in law doesn't want her kid's mug shots out in the internet world (understandable) and I've lost the ability to now blur out faces since my laptop was stolen so just picture 3 girls and 3 boys wearing the same exact outfits...too cute!

look at their sweet outfits...unfortunately the only full length photos I have also include my nieces and nephews.

such a sweet smile

huge smile...somebody must have been waving jelly beans at her!

love those dimples

just love this sweet boy!

family pic...the best one we had...sigh...

see those chipmunk cheeks...full of jelly beans already and the egg hunt just started!

hunting with Nana

I'm hunting eggs since Avery abandoned her basket

We also took a big family picture with Kevin's parents, siblings, and their kids. Then we took pics of all the grandkids with Nana and Papa. It was a great treat since Nana usually hates having her pic taken.