Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just Another Mutilated Tongue...

Waaaaiiiit....what, you ask?!? No Parker's tongue is doing fine. Def looking a lot better than this! No Kevin's tongue is fine. My tongue is fine...well I do have a teeny tiny canker sore, but I ain't complaining after what Parker went through. Nope, I'm NEVER going to complain about one ever again...or try not to anyway! Oh, what about Avery you ask? No, her tongue isn't fine.

You see last night we went over to a friend's house. Kevin and Parker had gone to a fishing tournament and Avery and I went and grabbed some dinner and hung out. But we all got invited to go to a friend's house after the tourny. While Parker was swimming with some friends Avery was goofing around the pool deck and trying to avoid our friend's 2 huge Boxers. They are sweet dogs, but one of them gets a little excited. It wasn't even the dog's fault so I digress. Avery was running around the wet pool deck after being told not to. And I'm sure you can guess what happened. She slipped and literally slammed her chin into the deck. My friend Sarah thought she knocked a tooth out. I picked her up and cuddled her, made her open her mouth and then almost threw up when I saw all the blood. I took her inside to get a better look and it just didn't look like it was gonna stop bleeding. My friend Lauren grabbed a wet paper towl and thankfull Avery cooperated and stuck her tongue out so I could put a little pressure on it. Lauren helped calm Avery down and I think Avery developed a little crush b/c she apparently followed Lauren around for a bit last night. The highlight of Avery's night, however, had to be when Sarah waived a popsicle around. Tears and boo boo forgotten and she gobbled that popsicle down! It finally stopped bleeding after she ate her popsicle and thankfully she hasn't said her mouth hurts and has been eating normally.

So what about you??? Any tongue issues in your family? I hope not...I'm over these tongue injuries!

Her tongue has a little bit of the white stuff that Parker's tongue got. Nothing to the extent of his of course, but still yucky! My poor babies!!!

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