Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Black Eye at 23 months old

What kind of a title is that you ask? Before you question our parenting skills...it isn't our fault. Really it wasn't! I swear! It all started as I was on my way home from work last Monday and Kevin sent me a text saying "Avery gave herself a black eye". Avery often trips...as evident in this post. But when I got home I got the real story: Kevin had given both kids a bath and was cleaning up their rooms while the kids watched TV in the living room. Last he saw Avery was sitting in her pink chair. Then he heard a LOUD bang and Avery started to cry. He ran to the living room and saw Parker sitting on the arm of Avery's chair and Avery is huddled over by the coffee table. Kevin asked Parker what happened to Sissy and he said that he pushed her and she hit her head on the table. However, when Kevin sent Parker to timeout, he decided to change his story and say he didn't push Avery after all and Kevin couldn't get him to admit fault again. Since he didn't actually see it happen he didn't push Parker into going to timeout.

So I got home and this is what I found:
see how puffy her right eyebrow/lid is

By the next morning this is what it looked like and I thought her eye would be fine:

puffy eye...I was nervous to talk to her nanny about it. I didn't want her to think we punched Avery or something and call DCF! But Ms. Debbie was great and pointed out Avery's friend "A" had a matching bump and cut on her forehead.

 Two days later on Wednesday am, her eyelid had a slight blue-ish tint to it and she still had a bump on her eyebrow/temple 

Still, I thought she'd be fine. I figured it would have turned blue, purple, green, black by now!

My mom and I left on a trip to NC on Thursday am. This is what it looked like when we came home on Sunday:

my mom was so taken aback that she practically pounced on Kevin and kept asking what happened. She didn't realize it was the same injury that happened the week before and we had already told her about when she came down on Tuesday. I cannot believe how bruised it got! She must have hit that coffee table pretty hard! Poor baby girl! We went to my nephew's bday party after the airport and a couple of people thought it was eyeshadow! Umm, no...that would be her first shiner at the tender age of 23 months! Parker has never even had a black eye (knock on wood!!!) and the kid is clumsier than Avery! She likes showing it off too like it's a badge of honor...she closes her eyes and says "boo boo".  She can be so girly sometimes and such a tomboy other times. Sigh!

I know I'm not the first parent to have a kid with a black eye, but I think I freaked out a little bit when I saw how bruised it actually got. I don't think I've ever seen a black eye up close before! It ain't pretty! What's the worst injury your kid has ever had? Was it as traumatizing for you as it was for them? Avery was fine after the first initial bump, but meeeh, I can't look at her eye without wanting to cry!

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