Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

After the kids went to bed (they crashed right away!), I the Easter bunny realized that Avery had a ton of stuff for her basket and Parker only had a few things. The Easter bunny then sent his helper out to Target to scrounge up a few items.

Parker's basket: he got a "goodnight construction site" book (looongest bedtime story ever!), a Cars book that he is obsessed with, Disney character undies (b/c the EB heard he needs new ones), candy covered pretzels, Oreo cookies, Lightning McQueen sports bottle and snack bowl, a pen (he is always asking to draw and pencils are for babies), a bird house (EB overheard him telling Mommy that he wanted to "make" a birdhouse and EB knew his Mommy isn't all that crafty), and new sneakers (which sorry EB, you picked out the wrong size and Mommy had to go to Target and exchange them).

Avery's basket: Minnie Mouse undies (b/c I'm really wanting to potty train her soon), owl book, pad of paper w/ butterflies, candy covered pretzels, Oreo cookies, mini Peter Rabbit book, her own set of crayons (that she hopefully won't eat), plastic bracelets (both her AND Parker love these), a pen (she loves to draw too), and sneakers (EB knew that her Mommy wanted her to start wearing shoes other than her beloved Mary Jane style shoes and picky girl needed something bright and pretty to help convince her to stick a toe inside the shoe).

LOVE his reaction! I'm a bit bummed that I missed seeing his face when he first saw his basket. Parker normally comes into my room when he first wakes up - he RARELY goes straight for the living room. I had prepped my camera the night before and I had it sitting on my dresser. I was going to grab it and make Parker stay in my room until I got all situated. Umm, yeah  I heard the toilet flush...then after a minute he still hadn't come into my room. I checked the monitor and he didn't go back to bed so I smacked Kevin and told him Parker was in the living room. I bolted out of bed and grabbed the camera and Parker's face when I came out of my room was priceless. It was as if he couldn't believe the Easter bunny came. I believe his words were: "Easter bunny came and bring this for me!" I think he knew to go straight to the living room b/c back at Xmas time we had sprinkled reindeer food and the next morning Santa brought his train, which was in the living room. Next year I'm going to set up a barricade and tell Parker he can't go into the living room w/o me!

Avery was still asleep, but Kevin decided to buy some special treats, which we shared w/ our lovely next door neighbors. Slacker me walked over in my pajamas and they were all dressed up and ready to go to church already. lol

Sleepyhead...we had to wake her up. She slept past 9 am! Look at that stretch. By the way, that frog mat is a baby mat. She has refused to lay down on her changing pad for months now and insists on "froggie".

checking her loot out

what could have caused her to have a meltdown??? hunger pains and mommy refused to let her eat cookies and candy covered pretzels.

funny how a little cereal can change her disposition so fast! as Kevin likes to say, she takes after her Mommy when she's hungry! lol

all ready to see what the Easter bunny left on the lawn after he ate the Easter bunny food the kids sprinkled all over the lawn the night before. When Kevin the Easter bunny's helper got home the night before he noticed that there were already eggs sprinkled all through the yard. Our next door neighbors have it on good authority that the EB hopped into both our yards and left all the eggs.

so excited to get to all the jelly beans that she tripped

she recovered and back in business

Parker couldn't decide where to go next...he'd go to a spot with a bunch of eggs and grab a couple, but then see a bunch more out of the corner of his eye and leave a few eggs behind.

hmm..where did the Easter bunny hide that egg...Mommy and Daddy say I'm "warm"...

looking for a "bean"

Parker found the "golden egg" with NINE jelly beans! lucky boy since the other eggs only had 1 jelly bean in each egg b/c the Easter bunny doesn't like how Avery is already addicted to "beans"

so proud of his loot!

...and she trips and falls wonder she's black and blue all over!

7 measly eggs...she ate all the jelly beans, discarded the chocolate and the bubbles, the other 2 were left alone b/c they didn't rattle when she shook them (stickers)

"Moooommmmy...we're busy trying to cram as much candy in our mouths as possible!"

"Aaaa-reeee!!! That my egg!" Yep...Avery started to raid Parker's basket when she realized she didn't have anymore jelly beans. I had to tell Parker that he got most of the eggs and had to share. He relented...and gave her 2. lol

the golden egg w/ NINE jelly beans!

The kids and I went to Home Depot to get some gardening stuff and we spent the morning doing yard work.
spring cleaning the outside toys and we planted some bell peppers, beets, and daisies. And looking at the backyard...looks like we need to "plant" some grass too

helping Daddy clean up the overgrowth of elephant ears

Kevin's parents came down for Easter this year and we had an egg hunt at my sister in law's house and had a huge delicious dinner. We had dinner alfresco and enjoyed the gorgeous Florida weather...before it gets to 90 degrees and 90% humidity sets.

My in laws bought the kids all matching outfits (they have 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters) and the outfits were so adorable! I'd love to post pics of all the kiddos in their outfits, but my sister in law doesn't want her kid's mug shots out in the internet world (understandable) and I've lost the ability to now blur out faces since my laptop was stolen so just picture 3 girls and 3 boys wearing the same exact outfits...too cute!

look at their sweet outfits...unfortunately the only full length photos I have also include my nieces and nephews.

such a sweet smile

huge smile...somebody must have been waving jelly beans at her!

love those dimples

just love this sweet boy!

family pic...the best one we had...sigh...

see those chipmunk cheeks...full of jelly beans already and the egg hunt just started!

hunting with Nana

I'm hunting eggs since Avery abandoned her basket

We also took a big family picture with Kevin's parents, siblings, and their kids. Then we took pics of all the grandkids with Nana and Papa. It was a great treat since Nana usually hates having her pic taken.

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