Saturday, April 6, 2013

Strawberry Picking and flowers

We went strawberry picking a couple of weeks ago with some friends and had such a blast! The strawberry plants are hydroponic so they were in small pots and hanging up. It was great b/c you didn't have to bend down to cut the fruit. The strawberries weren't any cheaper or any more expensive than what I would find at my local grocery store. Some people have even said they'd rather just go buy it than have to do the work themselves. For me (the kids too) it was all about the experience. Truthfully, I got a little into it. Avery had abandoned her bucket and scissors after her third or so strawberry so I HAD TO take over the duties. Let's just say I got a bit more preoccupied at times with finding the perfect strawberry more than helping Kevin make sure they didn't stop on too many mud puddles (it had rained the night before) or make sure Parker didn't cut his finger off (ok so they were kid scissors, but still!). We I def want to go back before the season is over!

Now, what's a post without pics...tons of pics?!? lol
Let the strawberry picking begin!!!

Avery looks like such a big girl here!

cutting his first strawberry

juicy red strawberry

most of the strawberries that were ripe were small. the ginormous ones were still green or pink.

they also had onions growing under the strawberries

green cabbage growing under the strawberries

red cabbage


with our big bag of strawberries

Parker and his buddy, Owen

love these kiddos

The next day we just hung around the house and relaxed.

Avery picked a flower that had fallen on the ground and kept saying "fow. fow. fow." until I put it behind her ear.

sniff. sniff.

squish. squish.

"look Ay-ree flower, Mommy!" Cue a scream from Avery as if you had ripped her arm off.

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