Monday, April 8, 2013

Twas the day/night before Easter 2013

Easter was such a blast this year. Parker really got into it...not only b/c of the egg hunts, but he would bust out and say a prayer throughout the day. He repeatedly asked what Easter meant and when we'd ask him back what he thinks it means we'd get answers that varied from "Easter egg hunt" to "Jesus died. Jesus arose." Avery got into it as well...def all b/c of the egg hunts. She LOVED looking for "beans". She'd shake an egg and if it didn't rattle she'd chuck it back in the grass or in her basket and grab another one. If she couldn't open the egg, she'd come over and say: "Open! Bean!". She'd say it like a demand too, then with a look she'd add a hasty: "Please!".

We started the weekend off at a birthday BBQ at my in law's really good friends' and Kevin's godparents' home. We had fun just enjoying the gorgeous weather, eating, talking, watching the kids run around, and then going for a boat ride.
pretty girl

pool was too cold so hot tub it is!

fishing out toys in the pool

getting ready to go on a boat ride...Parker and Avery's first boat rides!

giving Uncle Timmy a kiss

all the kids took a turn driving the boat...Parker almost got me sea sick...

even Avery had a turn driving it all by herself!

Later that night, we painted/dyed Easter eggs. Parker had been asking to do this for a couple of weeks and I kept meaning to do it with him since we usually have hard boiled eggs in the fridge (good protein snack or lunch item for Parker), but our weekends have been so busy. He was so excited to finally get to paint/dye eggs!

he was so excited that he also started to paint his hand...

Avery's first time dyeing eggs

LOVE these three

Kevin even painted a few eggs. I painted Avery's 7 other eggs b/c after 2 she decided it wasn't all that it's cracked up to be...hee hee..get it? Eggs...cracked up??? Corny I know, but I didn't do it on purpose!

even after washing with warm water and soap Parker's hand stayed green

LOVE our pastel eggs! for some reason all our eggs had these lines going across them...not sure why???

the kids burned off energy by running around the yard

Avery found some Easter eggs!!! Too bad for her they were empty! lol

Parker could run all day long and never tire out!

We got home way past bed time on Saturday night, but we made Easter bunny food really quick...thankfully I had a handful of almost dried up baby carrots stuck in the back of my crisper drawer otherwise the poor Easter bunny would only have had oatmeal! lol

Parker remembered sprinkling reindeer food on Christmas Eve so he knew the drill

Avery had fun sprinkling bunny food too.

I figured this post was long stay tuned for the actual Easter post...with A LOT more photos!


  1. Cute idea about the bunny food. I have never heard of that.

  2. Inspiration hit during the 10 min drive home while we had sleepy/cranky kids in the back. But it made prepping for bed easier (for Parker anyway) since he knew he had to go to bed for the Easter bunny to come.


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