Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cavities Filled: Round 1

You may remember this post where I mentioned Parker had 6 cavities! I know...and he's only 3! I'm still trying to get over that shock. Parker's appointment was originally for 9:30...did I mention that he is not allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight? Or that one of the first things he says in the morning is that he's hungry. So I was relieved when the office called and said they had an opening at 7:30. Perfect I thought since Parker would likely already be up and we can get it over with early so he can eat. Plus I was hoping Kevin would be able to stay home with Avery for about an hour and a half while I take Parker to his appointment.

Yesterday was not a good day b/c:
1. I found out that Kevin couldn't stay with Avery after he told me on Monday that he could - darn work meetings!
2. The dentist office still hadn't gotten the "predetermination letters" from our insurance company so that I can get an idea of how much I'm actually going to be spending. The office lady, Brandy, who called me to tell me this said she called our insurance company and said it would take another 24-48 hours and that was "rushed". Well I was having none of it. They've known about this procedure for a month! So I called and asked (very nicely) why the dentist office hadn't received the predetermination letter yet when it was forwarded to them a month ago. The lady on the other end was very nice and apologized. She said she couldn't give me exact figures, but could give me estimates. It was better than nothing! I called Brandy back and told her I got in touch with the insurance company. She told me that they wouldn't even give her estimates! Nuts!

I mentioned to Parker last week that he was going to have to go to the dentist again b/c he has boo boos in his teeth that the dentist needs to fix. He seemed to accept it ok. I mentioned it again last night and he was a bit resistant. I explained again about his boo boos and he was fine with it. This morning was crazy! I kept pressing snooze so I woke up later than I wanted to so I was rushed getting ready. I poked Kevin awake (ok, I may still have been a little annoyed that he can't stay home with Avery) and told him to help me with the kids. He woke Avery up and as I was finishing getting dressed, Parker came out of his room. He was fine, but said he didn't want to go to school a few times. I reminded him he was going to the dentist and he just kept saying "I no want go to school!". Then he finally accepted going to the dentist, but kept saying he doesn't have any boo boos in his teeth and opening his mouth. Then all hell broke loose when I told him to go pee so he can go get dressed - he was laying on Avery's rug at this point and just flat out refused. I'm running around like crazy at this point b/c it was 7:10 and we had to leave at 7:20 and I still had to get Avery's breakfast ready (in secret so she won't ask for it b/c she will be eating it at the dentist's office to occupy her), gather extra snacks just in case I need it, get her drink ready, make my coffee, buckle the kids in their get my point). After throwing a tantrum, we finally got Parker to pee and dressed. Kevin buckled both kids in while I zipped around the kitchen, ran to the car...and forgot my coffee! UGH!!!


The dentist office is pretty good - they called us back within a couple of minutes even though the waiting room was already filled! We were led to a tiny waiting room that was just for us where they had a small TV (SpongeBob was on, which I don't let the kids watch, but it kept Parker entertained). I was asked questions about Parker's allergies (none), if he had a cold (runny nose, but I think it's allergies and he was just crying), no he hasn't eaten or drank anything since midnight. Then a nurse came in and took Parker so he could drink "juice" and a little bit of water. I was later told it's Demerol (anesthesia) and something else to make his mouth dry up a little bit. Parker came back about 10-15 min later and he was whimpering and his shirt was a little wet on one side. The nurse explained that he didn't want to drink the "juice" and another nurse would be back in 45 min to 1 hour and he should sit and relax. WAIT!!! Back up a minute...did you just say wait for 45 min to 1 hour??? I thought we would only be here for that including getting the cavities filled. I glanced around that tiny room and my crazy 20 month old who was already getting into everything, standing on the couch/chairs, banging on the french doors, opening the door, squealing....and I said a prayer (literally!!!) for that time to fly by. It went by faster than I thought it would. I explained to Parker that he has to be brave when he goes back to see the dentist. He whimpered a little bit, but said ok. I said this a couple more times and said that he was my brave little boy and that I was proud of him for being brave drinking the yucky juice.

Parker's watching Sponge Bob while Avery peruses a magazine.

Parker sat around for the most part, got up a few times to look around. I felt so bad when he asked for milk and waffles. I felt even worse when I gave Avery her water and waffles. I had to give her food - she would have been screaming the whole place down. Thankfully Parker accepted my explanation that he can't eat until after the dentist looks at his teeth. He asked for food again and I gave him the same explanation, which he accepted. Poor kiddo! Finally a nurse came back (crazy boy opened his mouth and asked her to look at his boo boos. lol) and it really broke my heart when he stood up to go with the nurse and he held his hand out to me and sweetly said: "Come on, Ma!". That's his new thing the past couple of months...he calls me "Ma" once in a while. It cracks me up and think it's so cute! I explained he had to go back by himself so that the dentist can fix his boo boo and reminded him to be brave. I thought for sure he would flip out, but he just said ok, took the nurse's hand and left. 

I was told it would take about 45 min. What the heck was I gonna do with Miss Sassy?!? We walked back out to the big waiting area and this was the hard part...waiting with a 20 month old who just wants to go, go, go! We looked at the salt water fish tank for a bit, played video games, watch TV, read books, played with the iTouch, ate a banana, walked back and forth between the play room and the front of the office about a gazillion and one times. She must have said hi to every person in that room at least 10x. I'm sure people were getting annoyed, but they just smiled. Then, embarrassingly, she ran to this lady and reached for her COACH purse. I gotta hand it to Avery, she's got great taste in purses! But, I was mortified! I apologized, scooped her up and ran back to the playroom....only to have to chase her again 30 sec later.

Anyway, a little over 45 min later I was called back to pay and to talk to the dentist. He said that Parker did wonderfully. He didn't cry at all - just sat back! Whether it's the meds they gave him or he just doesn't mind going to the dentist, I'm not sure. But I'm glad for 2 good dentist experiences. I was worried that this experience would make him hate going after he had such a good experience last time. Let's hope next Wednesday when he gets the other side done that it will be a good experience too! Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us!

Dr. W. advised that I should start Parker back up on clear liquids and do soft foods after an hour or two and he should be able to eat regular food tonight. Well, the moment I had him buckled in his seat he started asking for food. Hmm...well I gave him water when we got home. Of course that wasn't enough. It broke my heart seeing him so hungry and I couldn't give Avery a snack and not him too (she was already asking for food). So I gave Avery the rest of her banana and gave Parker one too. I figured it was soft! I told him to chew slowly and carefully so he doesn't bite his tongue and cheek. He gulped that down then spied Avery's left over waffle that I had pulled out of her backpack. He grabbed it, eyes wide, and looked at me pleadingly if he could eat it. I considered was kinda soft. I gave him the ok. Then he wanted more food: I gave both cinnamon raisin bread - it's soft too and Parker's not complaining about biting his tongue or cheek. Hopefully he didn't. I'll have to check his mouth later to make sure! Then while I was putting soup together in the crockpot for dinner, Parker asked for some of the ham I was cutting up. I gave him a piece to see if he could chew it. I gave him more when he did fine - made sure to chop it somewhat small so not a lot of chewing is involved. Soon he was asking for lunch - kiddo was STARVING!!!

Although our morning was a bit rough, we took it easy once we got home! We had strict instructions to lay low today so we watched a movie. Parker's choice: Rio. We just sat on the couch and cuddled. We drew trains and cars. We decorated Avery's cakes and sang Happy Birthday.

Parker also helped me with "potty training". We aren't really training her, but she does tell me "poop" either after she's done or when she feels like she has to go so I sit her on the potty. If she hasn't gone in her diaper yet, she will sit on the potty and then cry when she really feels like she has to go and then sign "all done" and say "done". 5-10 min later I'll catch her pooping in her diaper. I've tried keeping her on the potty, but she won't go and she cries and I don't want her to   think negatively about the potty and of training. I'll probably try potty training in a couple of months. 

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