Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homemade Donuts

OH.MY.GAH!!! You HAVE TO make these! These donuts are so easy to make (duh, of course...otherwise I wouldn't be making them!) and they are always a big hit. This "recipe" came from a friend of a friend. We used to make it all the time, but haven't made it in years. I know my friend, Sara, is probably drooling while reading this and will likely make this soon now that I've mentioned it ;) lol Don't forget to invite me over!

Gather it:
1 can of refrigerated biscuits
vegetable oil
1 can of sweetened condensed milk (you will not use it all)

Make it:
1. Pour vegetable oil in a deep wide pan (not a skillet or a pot) and heat over low/medium heat. I didn't use that much oil - just enough to "fry" one side of the donut. Maybe 1/4 of a cup??? You can def use a pot and deep fry it (this was how I used to do it, but I hate using that much oil), however, I found it easier to use a wide pan. If using a pot, increase the temp to medium/high heat.

the pan I used...

2. Meanwhile, cut each biscuit into thirds. Roll into sticks, twists, circles, etc. You may have to "re-stretch" them out before placing in the oil.

3. Gently place each biscuit into oil (do not drop as it may splatter everywhere). Watch it carefully as it may burn and def watch out for splattering oil. Flip the donut to the other side with tongs once it has turned golden brown. I was only able to cook about 4 at a time b/c the donuts cooked pretty fast and had to be turned over by the time I got to the 4th one. 

*** My first batch burnt a little bit b/c I had it on medium/high heat - the temp I normally have it on, but that was when I used to use a pot with a lot more oil. Shallow pan with not much oil means the oil gets super hot and cooking time is next to nothing. I turned the heat down to low/medium and waited a few minutes for the temp to adjust - this worked out perfectly for the rest of the donuts. ***

my burnt first batch of donuts - they weren't completely burnt, just not the pretty golden brown color I was looking for

pretty golden brown donuts

4. Place donuts on a paper towel lined plate (I use a double layer of paper towel) to absorb excess oil.

5. Pour condensed milk in a small bowl for dipping...or you can pour over donuts. I prefer to dip :) Serve immediately.

Avery ate ALL of her dinner (strawberries and chicken and dumplings - I added fresh baby spinach to the recipe and it was a yummy addition)

Parker couldn't believe Avery was eating a donut so he made the choice to eat his dinner

Excited to get a donut! It's rare that we have dessert so this was def a special treat!

"Hello, Nana, Lola? I eat my dinner and I eat my donut!"


Parker LOVED these donuts! Avery ate hers plain and Parker started eating his plain until I convinced him to dip it in the sweetened condensed milk. He's not a huge dipping fan b/c I've never given him dips (ketchup, ranch, etc) before. His response once he tried it: "Mmm...taste like chocolate! Mmm...taste like ice cream!". He was making a sticky mess trailing from the bowl to his mouth so I taught him to dip and wipe the donut on the side of the bowl. After I showed him this I started to hear him mutter: "dip dip, wipe". lol  Parker actually "stole" a plain donut while Kevin and I were getting Avery ready for bed. He comes into her room laughing and gave himself away. Crazy kiddo! 

FYI: this will make a lot of donuts so if you're only making this for 1-2 people, you might one to place the rest of your uncooked biscuits in a ziplock bag to be used...oh I don't know...the next night for more donuts??? Also, you can also use cinnamon, sugar, powdered sugar, chopped up peanuts, chocolate icing for your topping. Sara and I have done it whatever floats your boat. I like the plain ol' sweetened condensed milk. Enjoy this yummy and easy dessert!

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  1. Yup...craving them now...Bad Mae!!! I have seen this recipe all around Pinterest...without the condensed milk. Makes it the best with the condensed milk!!


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