Saturday, January 19, 2013

Date Night

It's Saturday night and it's date night in!  Here's my gorgeous date for the evening:

On tonight's menu: hot cocoa, popcorn, and Toy Story 3. Kevin went to a hockey game and Avery went to bed at 7:30. Parker asks almost every day/night if he can have hot cocoa. The answer is usually no, but he was so good today, except for a mini tantrum at the mall's food court that was not his fault (ahem, Daddy!) and I was able to calm him down pretty quickly. After his nap, I told him that if he continued to listen and not throw a tantrum we would have a hot cocoa date after Avery went to bed. I decided to earn some extra "cool Mom" points and also have some popcorn while watching Toy Story. His eyes got really big and asked: "Oooh, special treats for me?!?". lol He's really not that deprived!

slurping his hot warm cocoa

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