Friday, January 25, 2013


Parker just finished his second week of speech therapy - he has had 6 classes so far (he goes 4x/week, but last Friday was a teacher in-service day and this past Monday was MLK Jr day so no classes) and I've already seen a difference! Every Most nights I help Parker with his homework. I say most nights b/c there was a couple of nights where I forgot to run through his homework with him so we go through it in the the car...during the 5 minute drive to school. SLACKER mom!!! lol But to make up for it, we do do little bits of his homework through out the day.

all smiles means we just started homework

He's had 2 work sheets he has been working on since last week: words that start with "sn" and "sm". Parker's problem is that he adds the "s" to the end of words instead of the beginning and sometimes he will put it in the middle. Homework lasts about 10 minutes and consists of doing the "snake sound" (sssss) in the beginning then adding the rest of the word. For example: "small" would be "sssss-mall". Parker's doing pretty good adding the snake sound in the beginning. If he forgets I just either remind him about the snake sound or ask him what he forgot. BUT, he still adds that "s" at the end on a lot of words. Grrr!!! He is def making progress though. The other day, when he woke up from his nap he cuddled up to me and asked sweetly: "I have sssnack, please? Ssssnack!". I laughed, gave him a high five, and praised him like crazy. It was close to dinner time, but I would have given him a box of chocolates if I had any for pronouncing snack correctly all by himself!

going over his work sheets...slouching means he's getting tired of homework

I've been put in charge of homework and Kevin has always said I'll be in charge of our kids' homework b/c I have more "book smarts" than him (but he's quick to say he has a lot more street smarts. lol). We are only on week 2 of speech therapy and this should be "easy" stuff, but I'm already getting frustrated. I know I shouldn't - it's not Parker's fault that he can't say things properly. He's in therapy for a I find myself taking a couple deep breaths when he keeps adding that "s" at the end of words. I know the issue of adding the "s" at the end is b/c there's an "s" at the beginning of the word. Parker for example can say "mall" correctly, but once you tell him to say "small" he will say "sssmalls" or "malls". When I get super frustrated and annoyed (I know, I know! Don't make me feel bad, I already do!) I just tell him we're all done and we'll work on it later. Better to cut homework time short than get annoyed with him. I can't even imagine once we start getting to into fractions and algebra! But I've got time to brush up on my math skills, right? If not, that's what tutors are for! lol

laying down and goofing off means he's done with homework

I had a meeting with Ms. Phyllis after school today. I brought up Parker adding "s" to the end of words. She said she's not concerned about it as long as he is correctly pronouncing it with the "s" at the beginning of the word. As if on cue, Parker tells me: "Mommy, I want a ssssnack, please." lol Ms. Phyllis said with time and more practice he will correct it himself. Parker was such a chatter box and kept asking questions and describing things. At one point he told me that he got a boo boo on his hand (just a tiny little prick) from the playground. Ms. Phyllis said he fell on the mulch and had been running around so much. She said at one point he had 8 kids chasing him in a big circle and that it looked like he was having so much fun! I told her that he loves running and being chased. I really need to look into some sort of sport for him to do that involves a lot of running - I couldn't find any track and field time sport for his age though. I'm glad he is having a great time at his new school. I was a bit scared about him going to an actual ELEMENTARY school, but he seems to be thriving and loving it.

Mommy, are we done yet??? PLEEEEASE???

Now I'm off to give these crazy kiddos a ssssnack!!!

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