Thursday, January 31, 2013

Busch Gardens Play Date

We had a play date at Busch Gardens with Lauren and Cammie and their families. It's the first time all of us have gone there together and we had a blast. I didn't tell Parker about the play date until that morning when I woke him up (crazy kid kept waking up the night before so I actually had to wake him up at 8 am) in case our plans fell through. You might remember from this post that our last trip to Busch Gardens was a huge fail. Was I worried that Parker would have another epic meltdown? I would be lying if I said no. In fact, I was a little lot scared. But I also knew that Parker remembers that situation very well and he knows it was not a good experience. During the drive to BG I decided to have a conversation with Parker. It went something like this:

Me: "Parker, do you remember what happened the last time we were at Busch Gardens?"

Parker: "Ummm. Ummm. Yes, Aunt M get mad at me." Sure he remembers his aunt getting mad at him (she wasn't mad, she just wasn't happy about his attitude), but he doesn't remember the smoke coming out of my ears.

Me: "Yes, but do you know why she was mad?"

Parker: "Umm. Umm. Yes because I throw tantrum."

Me: "Are you going to throw a tantrum again?"

Parker: "No, I be good boy!"

Me: "So you're going to listen to Mommy and Daddy and no crying, no yelling, and no tantrum, right or we go home?"

Parker: "Nooo! We no go home! I listen. No cry, no yell, no tantrum."

You know what?!? This worked for the most part! There was a handful of times when he wouldn't listen and start whining and I'd remind him about our talk in the truck. His behavior would change after a minute or so.

Our first time sitting thru the Sesame Street show. Parker loved it even though he's not usually a big Sesame Street fan. Avery kinda sorta likes Elmo, but freaked out when Elmo came down the aisle and wanted to high five her and cried and screamed. I should have known after this. Maybe she thought Elmo was really Santa??? After all they are both red???

they just can't keep their eyes off each other ;)

oops! they got caught ogling each other! lol
3 Musketeers!

Parker and Caleigh on the hippo water ride that had a small cute with them raising their hands up in the air!

fish ride...these 2 are so cute with each other

Avery's first time riding the fish...she loved it and kept saying "whee" and "yeah". She rode again with Daddy while Bubba went on the hippo ride.

swing ride...I wanted to see if Avery would go on since Beckett went on. She refused! I should have known...she HATES swings. Weird since she loved her baby swing! Don't make fun of Parker's high waters. lol He's in between sizes...3T is getting short length wise (although just a tad when he is standing), but 4T is too long and def HUGE around the waist (I'd have to buy adjustable and really cinch it in which would like absolutely ridiculous). Come on warm weather so he can wear shorts!

going on the dinosaur egg ride with the two littles. Beckett needed a little reassurance since his Mommy and Daddy wasn't on the ride. Sweet boy held my hand the whole time and I could hear him softly mutter: "whee" and "yay".

Caleigh and Beckett wanted to get their face painted. I've never had Parker's face painted b/c he's got issues with being "dirty". But he really wanted to get it done so I said ok. I asked what he wanted and guess what he said....BLACK TRAIN! Too bad the lady only had pics of animals and flowers. She was nice and said she'd do a train if I could find a pic so I searched online (thank goodness for smartphones!). She painted a red train so now Parker keeps asking for a red train...thanks a lot lady! lol

Avery also wanted to get her face painted. I was hesitant b/c I didn't want the lady to  paint a tiny little flower and then have Avery flip out and then I'm stuck paying for a $10 paint job. lol But while the others got their face painted, I asked her about 5 times if she wanted her face painted and she kept saying "yes paint" and patting her face. Surprisingly, she did really well. Daddy just held her face so she wouldn't move her head and follow the paint brush and ruin the paint job. Lesson learned: don't underestimate your kids...they may surprise you! 

The four kiddos with their paint job.
painted faces...for only $5 for both. It's great having a Platinum Pass! lol

We all had lunch at one of the restaurant's outdoor patio...mainly chosen b/c the big train goes right by and our kids (well 5 out of the 6) like trains. I swear it isn't b/c so that our six kids loudness wouldn't be as noticeable. After lunch we all rode the train, which took about 40 minutes for a round trip ride. We needed to do the round trip since we left our strollers at the "train station". I was a bit worried b/c Parker tends to get antsy, but it's doable - he's ridden the train numerous times. It was Avery I was worried about. She had a full belly, but she was tired and it was almost nap time. I armed myself with my lunch bag full of snacks just in case. Thankfully the kids behaved for the most part and I only had to bring out 1 snack bag sized of graham bunnies for Parker and Avery to share. 

pretty scenery during the train ride

my little man and me on the train

Parker fell asleep within 10 minutes of getting in the car...Avery was hopeless, she zonked out within 3 minutes! Mommy last much longer...about 20 minutes. lol I'm like a baby in a just rocks me to sleep! 

my beautiful baby girl

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