Sunday, January 20, 2013

Airplanes, Trucks, & a Picnic Dinner

Parker used to like airplanes a couple of years ago and my sister in law suggested parking in the airport's short term garage and watching the planes take off and land. I thought it was a little weird, but every time we go we've seen a lot of people going there just to watch the planes and have even seen a few with some really nice cameras taking lots of pics. When we first went, Parker was starting his fascination with trains and our airport has trams that take you from land side to air side. He liked seeing the "choo choos" more than the planes. lol We've gone a few times, but haven't been in a long time and Parker has been asking to go to the airport since we got back from San Diego in October.

Earlier this morning, Kevin told Parker we had a special surprise after he woke up from his nap. We decided to finally take the kids to the airport again to watch the planes. This will be Avery's first time to really go. She's been before, but she was a baby. Now, she loves airplanes. Any time she hears a plane fly by or she sees one, she yells "pane" or "eh-pane". I told Kevin that we should pack a blanket and sandwiches and have a picnic on the back of his truck since the kids would be starving from their nap and it would be close to dinner time.

So off we went after the kids woke up and it ended up being such a fun time! Parker loved being in the back of Kevin's truck. Avery was scared of standing on the truck bed at first - she's very cautious when you make her stand somewhere high (like on her changing table when I'm trying to pull her shorts/pants up). She bends her knees, legs shaking, and she leans forward. But she has absolutely no problems pushing her chair to the back of the couch, climbing on top and over the couch. Or when she pushes the computer chair (with wheels) in the open space (i.e. nothing but tile), climbing on top, and then standing and bouncing on it. Crazy kid!

It was probably the longest we've ever stayed at the airport. We only usually stay for about 15-20 min b/c the kids' attention span doesn't last that long and we usually have to carry them so they can see over the ledge (and they are heavy - 37 and 27 lbs). It's not much fun and the airport isn't exactly just down the street. But since we brought dinner and Kevin backed his truck into a parking spot, we were able to settle in for a bit and watch the planes and "choo choos" while sitting down. Kevin and I decided that we need to do this again! It was a fun family outing and best of all it was free since we stayed just under 1 hour.

this was when we first got to the garage...Avery was holding on to Daddy for dear life. I wonder what the people at the tower thought of us just relaxing, eating our dinner, and watching the planes. Kevin said they probably either see it all the time or think it's a good idea.  

our dinner consisted of sandwiches (peanut butter for the kids and ham and cheese for Kevin and me), applesauce pouches, Cheetos, and water. 

trying to get a pic with my lovies, but there was a plane taking off in front of us so they were a little preoccupied. And look Kevin's kind of in the pic too - his reflection on the window! lol

watching a plane take off...

Parker kept sitting in the stroller and playing with all the bungee cords Kevin had in the truck bed. Those cords kept him occupied for a while...tying them together and to little metal hooks in Kevin's truck and on the stroller. 

every time a plane took off or landed, Avery would yell: "pane" or "eh-pane"

the "choo choo" - 2 of them! We were also lucky when we were driving down the garage that the trams were going by so the kids got to see them up close!

my little man and me...he was quite giddy after eating lots of Cheetos! lol

Avery wanted a turn laying down and taking pics too

Tried to take a pic of the 3 of us, but this was the best I got. lol Kevin was busy talking to "Siri" and asking here where the nearest Vietnamese restaurant was b/c he was craving this soup dish we had at my cousin's rehearsal dinner. FYI there's like 7 in a nearby "town", but none where we live. It's not like we live in the boonies! 

Daddy and his little buddy

I told Kevin to hold both the kids...I must have taken at least 7 pics, none of which had Avery turned around b/c there was a plane that was taxiing down the runway. Kevin was complaining b/c he was holding a 37 lb kid in 1 arm and a 27 lb toddler in the other. lol

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