Sunday, January 27, 2013


On Friday  night we got together with my sister in law and her family. We went to a local spot that served a pizza buffet, had arcade games, and a large play house. It reminded me of Chuck E Cheese, but bigger and had a play house that was a huge hit (unfortunately I didn't get a pic of it! Boo!). One thing I wish they had that Chuck E Cheese had is the stamp that each family member gets and kids cannot exit the building unless their stamp matches the stamp of the adult that is taking them out.

Parker, my niece, and nephew had a blast going through the playhouse! We didn't buy a ticket for Avery b/c she's too small and I would have had to crawl through it with her plus there were some big kids in there that were kinda crazy. One good thing is there was an employee that was stationed at the play house that would implement the safety rules and tell the big kids to watch out for the smaller kids. Avery hung out a few times by the opening of the play house and tried to climb in a few times, but what really grabbed her attention was the arcade! We will def be back again soon!

Avery saw a kid get a prize out of this "door" so she walked over and tried to get one and looked confused when it was empty. lol

trying to hit the moles

trying to pop the balls into the dog's mouth

my one and only blurry pic of Parker - he was running around like crazy all night

Parker playing with his cousin A

after all the running around, she finally wanted to eat dinner. She LOVED picking off the tomatoes and olives and popping them in her mouth. 

then she got distracted by the people behind us singing "Happy Birthday", which happens to be her favorite song! She scooted off her chair so fast and ran over to sing before I could even stop her!

the sweet birthday boy came over and gave us a piece of his cake! Avery was in heaven!

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