Monday, January 21, 2013


Both Parker and Avery typically have very healthy appetites. Here's what each kid eats on a typical day:

7:30 am: 1-2 waffles (usually blueberry, no butter or syrup)
              1 spoonful of peanut butter (either eaten from the spoon or spread on waffle)
              1 whole banana
              milk (whole for Avery and 2% for Parker)

9:30/10 am: strawberries
                   string cheese

12:00 pm: peanut butter sandwich (on 2 slices of honey wheat bread)
               fresh carrots
               apple slices (half of an apple)

4:00 pm: 1 slice cinnamon raisin bread
              half of a Chobani yogurt (love Greek yogurt b/c it has more protein than regular yogurt)

5:30/6:00: baked chicken
                  rice or mashed potatoes
                  steamed broccoli

It's a lot of food, right? I mean, I can't even eat that much and they usually finish everything. Avery is a lot pickier when it comes to veggies - even as a baby she turned her nose up to a lot of veggies. She ate them, but she would make faces. She LOVED fruit and could eat it all day long. Parker on the other hand LOVED veggies. His favorite was peas! When he was about 11 months old we would give him little bits of steamed cauliflower and broccoli and he would go to town. But fruit, was a little more of a challenge. I don't have any issues with Parker eating fruit now - he loves it all! He still likes veggies too. I have to hide Avery's veggies now and then so that means I'm feeding her a few bites here and there...stuffing a little broccoli underneath her macaroni and cheese. It doesn't always work...if she really doesn't want to eat it and she feels/tastes it, she'll spit everything out! Both kids are usually pretty good with meat, but they have their moments where they go through spurts of not eating meat and I swear they've turned into vegetarians. Then they chow down on some filet like they didn't just turn their noses up at it the week before.

Anyway, the past couple weeks or so, both kids have been coming up to me in between meals and snacks saying "hungry" or in Avery's case she signs "hungry" and says "hurry". I think they are going through growth spurts right now. I try to give them nutritious snacks: nuts, applesauce, fruit, yogurt, cheese, carrots...and never have I given them a cookie or chips for a snack! Soooo, why is it that I find my 20 month old after we just had our morning snack with her hand stuck in my pantry (we have a child lock on top), crying for, get this: a COOKIE!!!!

this is how I found her, she was softly asking for a cookies down there!

What?!? Kid, I hope you're joking! I don't know that she was actually asking for a cookie cookie. We don't have cookies in the pantry. During the rare times that we do have cookies, Kevin and I usually hide them on the very top shelf and only pull them out after the kids go to bed (hehehe). The other day I gave her ONE mini semi-sweet chocolate chip as a reward for listening and helping clean up her toys, but that came out of the fridge and she said signed "more" and said "more peas. cookie?". So I think she thinks all special treats are cookies. Regardless there aren't really any special treats in our pantry. Hmph! Crazy kid!

When I told her "no cookie" she started to cry and threw a mini tantrum.

she's peristent...I'll give her that much. She's cute when she thinks she's been wronged, she'll start calling out: "Mommy, Daddy, Bubba" over and over again. As if one of us will come and help her and she doesn't eliminate the person who has "wronged" her. Then the shrieking continues and it's not so cute so we ignore her and she usually stops after a few minutes. 

Avery and I have one thing in common: when we're hungry our mean side comes out. Kevin laughed when he realized Avery started showing this "angry" side of her. Laugh b/c he saw it first hand a mere couple of months after we started dating and McDonald's gave me a chicken sandwich when I ordered chicken nuggets, we had already pulled out of the parking lot and stuck in horrendous traffic and driving up to a Seminole football game. He laughed b/c he knew I'd finally get a taste of my own medicine. Sigh! 

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