Thursday, January 10, 2013

Status of Operation Bye Bye Binkie

Last Wednesday was the start of Operation Bye Bye Binkie. If you recall Avery had a 1 hour tantrum where she screamed and begged for her binkie. She ended up napping ok without it, but whimpered for her binkie that night. I was weak and caved and gave it to her. I said I would be ok with her having it for naps and at night.

It has been a week and well folks, we have NOT given her a binkie since last Wednesday!!!! WHAT?!? WHAT?!? I'm super Mom!!! I'm so proud of myself! Weirdly enough, she's fine and doesn't even ask for it when we lay her down for her nap and at night. I thought this would be the most difficult! Again, Avery, has proved me wrong and that she's crazy and not typical. She whines and cries for it during the day. She cries for it when she doesn't get a book or toy that her brother is playing with, when I'm doing something and can't give her attention, or when she's just grumpy or tired. The car has been bad, sometimes, bordering on miserable. It's not completely horrible and it could be worse, but it's no fun hearing your child scream in the back seat and beg for her binkie like you just refused to give her water after she has been playing outside in 100 degree heat. Confession: I have a binkie in the diaper bag and in her room (hidden in her changing table basket). Why?!? I don't case she has a complete meltdown and is bordering on an anxiety attack and I'm about to down a bottle of whiskey (which we don't have by the way)??? Sure I've thought about giving her the binkie when the crying and screaming starts to drive me nuts. But I know that if I hold strong these next few weeks then she will eventually forget about the binkie. Hopefully. Right?

Do you think taking her Cabbage Patch Doll's binkie is a bad sign?!? 

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