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Merry Christmas!!!

I know it's late, but I've been having some computer/upload issues with my pics. But here goes:

We had a wonderful Christmas! This was probably the best Christmas we've had so far with Parker. He just really got it. Last year he was only 2 - he opened a present or 2, but then got distracted by a gift and just didn't want to open any more even though he got some really cool gifts. So Kevin and I opened most of the kids gifts since Avery was only 7.5 months at the time. This year, Parker was really into it (I figured he would be b/c he really liked opening his birthday presents this past year too and always thinks a wrapped box or a gift bag is for him) and Avery even opened a few presents on her own, with only a little help from us. He was really into Santa - of course he just wanted Santa to bring him his train, but he loved the lights and decorations.

yes, I realize the star on our tree is 5'1" self cannot reach it even standing on a stool b/c the base is so wide and after mentioning it a few times to my 6'3" hubby who didn't seem to mind it, I just let it go...

My mom came down for a few days. Kevin's parents came down as well the Thursday before Christmas and was able to spend time with all the grandkids. My kids loved having their grandparents here - they get some special time with them, they get special treats that Mommy normally doesn't give them...hey that's what grandparents are for, right?

This Christmas was all about the kids. I didn't set aside a budget for Kevin and me to shop for each other so I was surprised when a couple of weeks before Christmas he told me to not go in his bedside table b/c he is hiding my Christmas present there - not that I ever go in there anyway. I looked at him blankly and he goes on to say that he wanted to get me a few small things b/c I always get him a little something. SH*T!!! Crap! Now I had to go shopping on top of my crazy work schedule. Ok, so I had originally gotten Kevin a few things from Old Navy, but then he said that he couldn't wear their shorts...whatever. I got him a couple of thermals too b/c he likes the ones he got from ON last year, but then it was so stinkin' hot that I returned them...only to have cold weather hit us a week later! So anyway, he bought me a pair of the exact same sunglasses that I somehow lost and a box of Turtles (chocolate - I had mentioned years ago when we were still dating that a Secret Santa in high school bought me a large box and I was in chocolate heaven - he has bought me a couple boxes for Christmas since then). He also got me a pink/white coffee mug - I have been saying that I want one with a sleeve on it. I actually found out by accident he got me this about a week before Christmas. I was looking for a to-go mug to bring in the car and the only one I could find that wasn't in the dishwasher was a mug with a lid that didn't fit properly (which reminds me I need to just throw it away!). Frustrated, I exclaimed that I was going to buy one at work that night - they were on clearance! He gave me an equally frustrated look and exclaimed: "Don't do that!!!!" I immediately knew he had gotten one for me! Hee hee!!! The "kids" got me a reading pillow with the little arms...I blogged about it here. See #7. He didn't get the same exact one, but similar. The wrapping job was fantastic. Parker helped him - they used one of the big delivery boxes that had come in from all the gifts I had ordered and then used up all of the left over wrapping paper scraps that usually just gets thrown away. Parker was so excited about it. 

Ok so here's the horrible part...I returned the coffee mug and the pillow. Don't judge!!!! I have good reasons: Kevin wanted a to-go mug too. I told him I'd exchange the pink one for a brown one that he can use and I'll get a pink one from ON (we only have pink left) b/c it's cheaper. Only I ended up getting an owl Tervis tumbler instead...the thing was $16, but I had a coupon so it was  a little cheaper. It was expensive, but I LOVE it!!! It actually keeps my coffee hot for a long time and I don't burn my hands holding it. The pillow also went back b/c it's over-stuffed and doesn't really hold my weight when I lean back on it - it just kinda topples over. Kevin and I went to Target to see if they had any in stock, but walked out spending $75+ and didn't even look at the pillows. WHAT?!? Oh well...there's always my anniversary next month...right, babe? 

Anyway, so with my scrambling to find Kevin something for Christmas that won't break the bank I tried to find something fun, different...and cheap. I didn't think he was spending much on me...he said "small" after all (I didn't realize he ended up going a little big) and we didn't really have it in our budget to go expensive so I decided to make him a movie night themed present. I bought a big popcorn bowl and stuffed it with Kevin's favorite candy: Snickers. I also added a package of Twizzlers (side note: he gave some to Avery and she loved it), some popcorn, and a homemade "coupon" saying he gets ONE movie of his choice b/c we usually go with my movie choices...only b/c he tends to pick scary movies which gives me nightmares or movies with fight scenes that makes me cringe. Funny enough, a few days after I got all the stuff for his gift, he made a comment that he wanted to do a movie night soon. Oh and when I went to wrap his present, I couldn't find the bag that held the box of popcorn and the bowl...I thought I hid it well enough, but apparently he found it and thought I misplaced it and he put it away. I grabbed them when he wasn't looking. The kids bought him a jstock shirt that one of our friends made - Kevin has been getting a new one for Christmas for the last 5 years now. lol I feel kinda bad that I didn't get him "more". 

Anyway, here's what our Christmas was like...picture overload starting now:

Parker had hot cocoa for the first time when we went to Sea World. He loved it and asks for it all the time. I decided that we should have a hot cocoa date (this was before Christmas) after Avery went to bed and Daddy ran some errands. It was great spending some one on one time with my little man.

watching a personalized message from Santa on the computer a few days before Christmas - Parker LOVED it!

arts and crafts on Christmas Eve

little bunny and me...and Lola off to the side! 

the kids opened 1 gift on Christmas Eve...their Christmas pajamas

Avery opened her gift all by herself! Parker was excited for her to open her gift, but she was taking her sweet ol' time!

 baking some pre-made cookies for Santa. Santa loves all kinds of cookies, not just the made from scratch and decorated kind! lol

the kids couldn't wait for the cookies to come out! parker kept saying "Mmmm, dee-wicious!" lol they love to watch things baking in the oven, even if it's just boring ol' dinner.

while the cookies baked, the kids sprinkled some reindeer dust on the front lawn...lots of glitter so that they twinkle and the reindeer can find our house and oats to eat while waiting for Santa to go down the chimney and deliver presents. We also said good-bye to Elfs...I didn't get a picture of this since it was really late when I remembered that Elfs was supposed to go back to North Pole for the rest of the year. 

sneaky, sneaky, sneaky! she kept trying to grab Santa's cookies as I tried to snap pics! 

Parker wanted to leave Santa some hot cocoa instead of milk...he got a small cup to drink too and was very excited about that!

Santa drank his hot cocoa, ate most of his cookies, and gave some carrots to the reindeer. Parker was so cute when he was arranging the carrots on the plate, he only took 5 and placed them right on top of the mouth of each of the reindeer on the plate. 

Santa brought Avery a pink trike!

Parker finally got the black train he has been asking for for MONTHS!!!!

all the presents...

our stockings...first time in 8 years that Bailey's stocking isn't hanging up. She's with my cousin and I meant to give him her stocking, but forgot!

Christmas morning...they were excited. I'm so mad that I had my camera on the wrong setting...hence the crazy pic!

They came around the couch and I really wish I had a pic of their faces when they saw Santa's gifts! Avery just KNEW that the pink bike was for her. She ran straight to it and Parker's reaction: "OHHHH!!! PO-WAR E-PRESS (Polar Express) TRAIN FOR ME?!?" 

After checking out his train he noticed the treats we left out for Santa and the reindeer were almost all gone! He was so excited! 

Avery just wanted Santa's left over cookies! I figured it was Christmas and let her eat BOTH cookie halves.

LOVES her new trike!

LOVED his train, but couldn't get a genuine smile from him. 

Avery "got" Parker the other item he has been asking for...Mack. I'm a bit disappointed. I thought it would fit his die cast Cars, but it doesn't. He puts some of them in there, but it takes up more than 1 slot. His Matchbox cars fit though.

she looks like such a big girl in this if she's going off to school

Parker "got" Avery her very first Cabbage Patch Doll. Can I just say that her hair smells so good! Her "birth certificate" says her name is Maci Morgan. Funny enough we almost used Morgan for Avery's middle name. When I ask Parker what the baby's name is he says: "Baby Jesus"...the kid cracks me up! 

look at that facial expression!!! I think she really thought it was a bottle of milk - she went to town on that bottle for a few seconds before she realized nothing was coming out. If I gave her a bottle of milk tomorrow, she'd probably be the happiest girl!

this train track is HUGE! 

Do you see Lightning McQueen in the caboose? Avery also wanted to "play" with Parker's new train. Unfortunately, her version of playing means derailing the train, which would cause Parker to go crazy. All the poor kid wanted to do was watch his new train go around the track. It took Kevin forever to get the train and tracks together and those trains have tons of wheels on each car that have to be aligned on the track just right. It was a pain...not that I'd know, but that's what Kevin said... 

his excitement was contagious! He was in absolute train heaven! 

reading one of her new books with Lola - she loves books that have buttons you can press!

Nana and Papa came over early on Christmas morning so that they could see the kids with their presents. Nana was especially excited to see Parker with his new train b/c that's seriously all Parker has talked about for months! Nana came prepared for Miss Sassy and her crazy ways. They each got to open 1 present (the rest would be opened after Christmas dinner at my sister in law's house) - Avery got a pink and purple My Little Pony train set. Miss Sassy didn't fall for the trick. She wanted the "big black train" that Daddy was still trying to put together. Parker on the other hand was happy to be playing with a new train set!

my sweet little lovies!

taking a pic with Lola

Avery got another doll...she got 4 dolls last year and got 3 this year. she's building up her collection. We have named this one "Baby Rose".

LOVE this face!

the kids are very lucky to have gotten such great toys, clothes, and books for Christmas!

play time with "Wo-wa"...neither of my kids can say "Lola" (grandma in Tagalog)

kisses under the mistletoe...well almost under it. Avery kept trying to grab it!

Hope you all had a wonderful family-filled Christmas like I did! Thank you to all of our family for making our Christmas so special!

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