Monday, January 21, 2013

B.A. Meetings in Binkies Anonymous. Avery should start a support group for toddlers trying to kick the habit. I first posted about it here: here and gave an update. She has been binkie free for over 2 weeks and going strong. She hasn't used a binkie since going to bed on the night of Jan 2nd. She hasn't asked for it before nap or bed time since that first day/night and only gets "cravings" when she's really upset and will cry out for her "beh bee". The cravings doesn't typically last long, but she does sound pretty pitiful. The car rides are going much better. She rarely asks for it while in the car. I just keep reminding her that binkies are for babies and she's a big girl. She's big on repeating things so this usually distracts her and stops the crying as she whimpers: "bee gih". Sometimes it works for good and other times she continues crying for her binkie after she's done repeating after me.

She had one prior incident where she sucked on her baby doll's binkie when she thought nobody was looking. Does that count as a relapse? If so, then I'm afraid there was a second incident yesterday afternoon. She woke up from her nap very grouchy and kept saying she was hungry. Then after a few minutes she started crying for her "beh bee". I got her calmed down and gave her a snack. When I left her to go fill up her water cup, she was doing this:

A minute later, I came back to find this:

I'm sure if I left real binkies laying around she would pounce on them and suck on them like crazy! Overall, I think she's doing pretty well. A lot better than I thought. But if there are any other mommies out there with toddlers who are trying to kick the habit, Avery would love to have play dates meetings with you. Anyone?!?

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