Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saturday Morning Fresh Market

Kevin and I were talking sometime last week about our weekend plans. I mentioned that I wanted to go to the market we used to go to and let the kids run around in the nearby park afterwards. He then suggested going to a smaller one that is closer to us. We decided to give it a try. It's def smaller, but the fruit/veggies I bought were so much cheaper! For $5.50 I bought 5 yellow apples, large container of strawberries, 1 mango, and 1 large head of cabbage. Parker was in fruit heaven! He ogled the strawberries before his eyes finally landed on the mangoes. He asked for a mango and who am I to refuse my sweet boy...especially since he's asking for yummy fruit instead of a cookie?!? I wish I had gotten a picture of all my produce - they all looked so good! But I already felt foolish taking the pics I took below. Kevin did criticize my cabbage and asked if I could have gotten an uglier looking cabbage. Umm, cabbage is supposed to be pretty?!? I rolled my eyes and told him to peel off the outer layers...that's all Publix does to make them look "pretty".

no these aren't the size containers of strawberries I got - mine were bigger, but these just looked so much prettier. lol

Lot of lettuce to choose from. I would have bought some b/c they just looked so fresh and vibrant, but I was getting tired of salads. lol 

so annoyed...I took this pic of the tomatoes and then realized I took a pic of PINK tomatoes and the brighter red/orange ones would look nicer...I had a great pic...until I accidentally deleted it when going through my pics at home. UGH!!!

Parker wanted to hold the bag with his mango

The market also had a few food trucks. We tried these soba noodles and soup. Both were delicious...and expensive! Kevin wished they had a taco truck and walked away with Avery who was starting to have a meltdown as I finished the yummy soba noodles. Then I glanced at a truck I had seen when we had first walked through the market. The sign indicated BBQ, but in smaller letters, I saw "fish tacos". I pointed it out to Kevin and he actually saw that they had gumbo. He tried it with the taco guy's homemade hot sauce. I wasn't too impressed with the gumbo and it was way too spicy for me, but Kevin loved it all.

It's like Lo-Mein, but with soba noodles

the kids watching a performer who was not that good. Both markets tie when it comes to performers who just aren't that good! lol

pretty girl was all smiles here, but she was being crazy and for some reason kept tripping - her knees look terrible!

So my impression: I'll go back to buy produce b/c it's cheaper and not as crowded, but I liked my old market even though it's grown quite big and is very crowded. There are a lot more options as far as food trucks, vendors, and goods go.

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