Sunday, January 13, 2013

Relaxing Sunday

Today was a pretty chill day. We woke up and felt a little lazy. By 9:30 we decided to get up and going and head over to my sister in law's house to let the kids run around and play for a little bit. When we got home, I helped Kevin feed the kids lunch then went to the mall to meet up with my little sister (from my sorority). Katy and I had a few returns to do then decided to have Chick Fil A for lunch...only when we walked to the food court I realized that it was fairly dark towards the corner that Chick Fil A was at. Then it dawned on me...IT'S SUNDAY!!! Why is it that I always crave Chick Fil A on Sundays when they are closed? I settled for a wrap and curly fries. After lunch Katy and I shopped and then had some Pinkberry. It is the most delicious frozen yogurt I have ever had! I normally get their mango yogurt with fresh mangoes, pineapples, shredded coconut and a waffle cookie. But I decided to mix it up when I tasted their grapefruit yogurt. It was delicious! I did a swirl of mango and grapefruit.

my fro yo in all it's delicious glory!

When I came home Kevin helped me fix the kids dinner and then he left to go to a concert. After dinner, the kids and I watched Chicken Little. Parker has been asking to watch the "chicken movie" since he saw the commercial for it. It has been a fairly relaxing day/night! LOVE days/nights like this!

Avery was being super cuddly...she kept saying "cuh" (cuddle) and climbing up on my lap...I LOVE it when she burrows her little face into my neck! 

this gorgeous boy wanted me to take his pic too (he got a haircut last night after a lot of bribery). He wanted to point out: "I get strawberries on my shirt from lunch!" (see the stains towards the top)...crazy kid!

my little lovies and me watching our movie

The only thing I HAD to do was go to Target and buy Parker a new backpack for school tomorrow. He starts at a new school tomorrow (more on that later) and needs a bigger backpack than his "preschool" backpack from PBK that doesn't fit anything more than a snack, a cup, and a few small cars/trains. He needs to be able to put a folder in there. Problem with that is most backpacks are HUGE! Parker's somewhat tall (40.5" at 3 yrs old), but he's skinny. He tried on my 5 yr old niece's backpack this norming and to put it in Parker's words: "it too floppy!". I found one of the smaller ones at Target...bonus is it was on sale for $7.48. I have a Target debit card so it took 5% off - so basically most of the tax. It's not the cutest by any means and the material isn't that good, but I'm not complaining for just over $7. I'll save the new PBK backpack for when he is bigger and doesn't look ridiculous wearing a ginormous backpack.

then I catch Avery picking her

I think she caught something! lol

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