Friday, February 1, 2013

Rehearsal Time...

This time 5 years ago was the day of my wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Kevin was playing a round of golf and I was going to spend a relaxing day with family that had come into town. Key words there: "was going to". I say this b/c I spent the morning at the dentist office and running errands. You see, my dad flew in from San Diego the day before. It was the first he and Kevin had ever met so they spent Thursday getting to know each other while we ran errands: picked up my wedding dress and then to the tux rental place. Afterwards, my parents, Kevin, and I went out to dinner. We were all having a great time and then our entrees arrived. I was busy tossing my pasta around when I heard my dad exclaim: "Oh, my tooth!". I laughed b/c my dad is a bit of a comedian...until I see his fingers, dirtied by BBQ ribs, holding what appeared to be half of a tooth! Now call me selfish, but my first thoughts wasn't to see if my dad was ok. Nope, my first thoughts were: How are my pictures going to look with my dad having a little snaggle tooth...and maybe he can just smile without showing his teeth. My dad was fine and Kevin called his older brother who works with a bunch of dentists in the area. So the morning before my wedding I spent chauffeuring my dad around to his dentist appointment. I ran errands while he had that done (picked up my contacts, getting snacks for Kevin and his groomsmen, snacks for the girls and me later that night, etc). Having all this to do actually kept me from getting any butterflies about the big day. We ended up going out to lunch with all my family who came into town after my dad's appointment and all was well.

Our ceremony was held at the same Catholic church that Kevin's parents were married at (although I did not know this when we looked at the church) so it was pretty special knowing that I walked down the same aisle that my mother in law did. The rehearsal went smoothly and then my in laws hosted our rehearsal dinner at the Columbia restaurant. Our dinner was absolutely delicious and their bread pudding is to die for!!! Great now I'm craving their bread pudding...and sangria. Yummy!!!

 the "oh crap what have I gotten myself into look". lol

 getting ready to practice walking down the aisle. i'm holding the traditional bouquet made from ribbons and bows from my bridal shower

the church had beautiful stained glass windows everywhere

the place where Kevin's parents and where we got married...and also where both my kids were baptized. 

Tomorrow...comes wedding pics. Is it weird that I want to put my wedding dress back on??? It's not preserved...something my mom "yells" at me about every single day. I just want to see if it still fits...and who doesn't love wedding dresses? I'm working on trying to convince Kevin to have another wedding...all b/c I want to wear another wedding dress and plan a big party. lol

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