Friday, February 8, 2013

Impromptu Dinner Date

Both the kids have been crazy this past week. I needed to get out of the house and Avery's crazy antics so I was relieved to go out and run an errand. I took Parker to the eye doctor to get the lenses on his glasses replaced. He's had a huge scratch on them for a few weeks and they have to be specially ordered so it took a little a while. Parker's current glasses are starting to get too small - they are typically for ages 3-6 years old so we also looked at some new frames. We just got his glasses April 2012 when he was 2.5 years old! They fit around his head, but the actual frames where the lenses go are starting to look small for his face...his face must have grown quite a bit! We tried the next size up for ages 5-8 and they fit perfect, but the lady helping us suggested going to a size 3 (age 8-11) since he outgrew his current ones pretty fast. His glasses aren't cheap and I really wasn't expecting to have to buy a completely new pair less than a year later. All are the same price, regardless of size so I'm going to consider it. His glasses still fit for now so we will re-evaluate in a couple of months.

these are the size you can see they are big, but they are a bit out of shape too since they are the trials and get abused a bit by the kids (err...even my kid flung them onto the counter top)

After the eye place, I decided to take him out to dinner since we were pretty close my favorite Cuban restaurant. Parker and I had a wonderful time at dinner and it was so great spending some alone time with him. I admit I was jealous of his boys day out with Kevin on Sunday!

waiting for our yummy dinner! Parker's funny...he saw my head tilted so he tilted his too. he does this when I'm taking his picture and I tell him to smile and I for some reason also smile big and tilt my head...

Parker and I drew for a little bit while waiting for our dinner to arrive...crazy kiddo actually pointed to the big TV they restaurant had and loudly exclaims: "My turn!". 

I usually get one of 3 things: Masitas de Puerco (pictured above; it's fried pork) with beans and rice, and maduros (fried plantains); Arroz Con Pollo (yellow rice with chicken), or Pan Con Queso y Tomate (bread with cheese and tomato). Regardless what I get I HAVE to have the white sauce - pictured on the right. This sauce is THE MOST DELICIOUS DIP...E.V.E.R!!!! Kevin actually has been able to replicate it and we use it when we make Masitas de Puerco at home to our homemade tacos. I got the Masitas de Puerco and got Parker the Arroz Con Pollo. Parker loves this dish and ate quite a bit. He and Avery had it for leftovers for lunch and gobbled it all up! I was very tempted to to order a flan to go, but I had just bought a large batch of oatmeal cookies from Costco (I LOVE oatmeal cookies and this is what happens when you go shopping hungry!) and besides my mom had just emailed me her recipe for flan and I swear I'm going to attempt it one day. Problem is Kevin won't touch the stuff and my kids have texture issues and I doubt they'd eat it. Ok, I'm really craving flan...

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