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Fifth Wedding Anniversary!

Happy anniversary, babe! So I'm not gonna get sappy on this blog...just wanted to tell my hubby that he is my best friend and love of my life. The past 5 years hasn't been the easiest, but I can't imagine going through this crazy life with anyone else. You've given me the two best gifts I could have ever asked for...they get wild and crazy, but they're ours and I love seeing bits and pieces of you in them. Olive juice! Ok, so I got a little sappy...sappy time over! Let's move on to my favorite: pics!!! Warning: picture overload coming up b/c blogging did not exist (for me anyway) when I got married back in the day and I want it in my "journal".

one of my favorite pics of the day...this was during our first dance!

2/2/08 dawned bright and early. Sara, Lauren, and Kim stayed at the hotel with me. I think they regret this a bit b/c my alarm went off at 6 am (we had to wake up early b/c the ceremony was at 1 pm and the 4 of us plus my mom had to get our hair and makeup done). I remember waking up and just laying in bed, quietly savoring the wedding day...until I just couldn't stand it anymore, jumped up on the bed and yelled for everyone to wake up. I think a pillow may have been thrown at me! lol The girls and I went downstairs to grab some breakfast (I could barely eat though) where we ran into Michele (hair/makeup artist) and her assistant. They were amazing! LOVE that they came to my hotel so we could eat, watch TV, and lounge around in our pajamas. Kevin who was staying at another room and floor of the hotel walked to a nearby florist with his brother (and best man) and bought me a gorgeous bouquet. For a wedding present, he got us a couples massage at the resort we were staying at in Jamaica. I got him a round of golf for his gift. We know each other so well! Oh and I got him a white Irish linen hankie that I had embroidered "olive juice". Kevin tends to sweat a lot and I knew he'd be nervous so I wanted him to have something to wipe his forehead off. lol  

Kevin walking to the church with his mom

yep...that would be me walking to the church in my pajamas. lol The girls and I got dressed at the church to minimize getting wrinkled during the ride over. Michele also followed us to the church so she could finish doing my hair and do touch ups on everyone's makeup. We also had a wedding coordinator - that's one of her assistants on the left carrying the garment bag carrying my heavy dress. It was great having her. She was a life saver and truly relieved some of my stress during planning and day of. She even did some of my last minute stuff that I originally wanted to do myself, but then started freaking out about b/c I didn't have time to. I also remember walking into the church and seeing these gosh-awful 1980s style bows that the church wedding coordinator showed me the night before at the rehearsal and asked if I wanted them on the pews. I smiled and politely said no thank you. So imagine my surprise when I saw them 1 hour before my wedding! Thankfully Tammy took care of everything and the bows were gone by the time I walked down the aisle.
getting my hair did

it was a multi tasking kind of day: I helped Sara tie a pretty bow on her dress while Michele pulled out another can of hairspray

checking myself out in the mirror...ok so my photographer made me do this. lol

my gorgeous wedding dress

 funny how I originally wanted a simple gown and the perfect gown ended up being the exact opposite!

how many people does it take to help me get into my dress??? I LOVED my dress! It was supposed to be fitted down to mid-thigh, but unfortunately I lost some weight (stress or anxiety related probably) after I had my last fitting so it was already a little loose when I put it on! Boo! Still loved it though!

LOVED how my hair turned out! My hair doesn't hold curls very well so I think Michele used a can and a half of hairspray! lol My "tiara" was purchased (or rather exchanged) the last minute. I originally wanted a simple comb, but the comb I bought had some loose crystals and the store didn't have anymore. It was either this tiara or a pageant queen tiara. lol I like how it looked in the end.

 Mom fluffing my veil

 as a thank you to my wonderful bridesmaids, I bought them these totes with a few things inside including matching pink pj bottoms (see pic above of me walking into the church - Sara, Lauren, Kim, and I wore them the night before...cheesy I know!) and took them out to a yummy brunch the weekend of my wedding shower

heels...wish my photographer took the pic before some of the girls put the comfy inserts in their heels. oh well...still a cute pic.

peek a boo! lol I was holding my (rather Lauren's) veil b/c I was paranoid that I would get lipstick all over it. lol Thanks Lauren for my something borrowed! It was the perfect accessory!

nerves finally getting to me at this point...I was alone in the bride's room with Michele and I could hear the music playing signaling the wedding party to walk down the aisle 

 my dendrobium orchid bouquet was absolutely gorgeous...but if you look at the pic above of all the heels you can see that it had these long green stems at the top. I told my florist that was what I wanted...until Michele gave me the bouquet to hold and it was almost to my chin. Michele grabbed a small pair of scissors from her makeup case and we started snipping like crazy at the bouquet and stuffing little flowers that fell off to make it look fuller at the top...all this while the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle and I literally had 1 minute to get this done. I walked down the aisle and left a trail of dendrobium orchids. 

Photos are courtesy of Todd Gilman except for the one at the hotel (2nd pic from the top).

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