Sunday, February 3, 2013

"I Do"

I remember waiting a really long time for the doors to open. Both my parents walked me down the aisle. I smiled like crazy the whole time. It was seriously a long aisle!

loved the details on my train...

he looks a little nervous! 

For some reason my mom threw my veil back over my face after my dad flipped it back when he gave me a kiss. Mom gave me a kiss then decided she wanted my veil over my face for the whole ceremony and for Kevin to flip it back when it was time to kiss. Umm, that wasn't what we practiced the day before! lol 

this church cathedral is huge! there are "wings" to the left and to the right of the altar in addition to the 4 long rows of pews in the center. 

I'm laughing as we light our unity candle b/c I absolutely could not see the candle wick! I didn't know the candle stand the church provided would be so tall! I even ended up snuffing mine and Kevin's candle out! All of our family and friends were laughing. Needless to say Kevin pretty much lit the candle all by it really wasn't a "unity" candle! 

I had this silly grin on my face THE WHOLE time... 

Kevin and I incorporated a few Filipino traditions: Kevin gave me the "arras" (coins) to symbolize prosperity and that he will always take care of me. The "veil" symbolizes our union and being "clothed as one". The "cord" is a knotted cord that symbolizes our bond, that we are now one as a couple. Filipino tradition typically dictates A LOT of sponsors, which are like godparents for baptisms. Kevin and I chose to just have 2 sets. Kevin chose his godparents from his baptism. I have 5 sets of godparents from my baptism (crazy Filipinos! lol), but only my mom's brother and sister live in Florida along with one of her best friends. So thankfully choosing the "Ninong" or godfather was easy. The "Ninang" or godmother was harder...time to draw a name out of a hat! lol So we had my uncle and my mom's friend be our other set of sponsors and we also gave them the "job" of being our veil and cord sponsors. 

saying our vows...again silly grin on my face. By the way Father Wayne also performed Parker's baptism 1 year and 9 months later. Sadly, he was in Italy when it was time to have Avery baptized. 

"And I now pronounce you husband and wife!"...can you tell I was excited??? lol This pic cracks me up!

 I look like I'm the only one into this kiss! lol Kevin wasn't sure if he was "allowed" to touch my dress and he didn't want to ruin my he kept his hands down by his side. 

 our wonderful wedding party!

my adorable nephew who was one of our ring bearers. The other ring bearer is our other nephew. We had 1 flower girl, a daughter of one of our groomsmen. 

look good, guys! 

getting ready to head over to the reception site!

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