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"Cut A Rug"

I really loved looking at these pics from 5 years ago...lots of fun memories...especially from the reception. When I was looking for a reception site I had only ONE criteria: it had to have windows with a great view. I didn't want a hotel ballroom where you are boxed in. My mom wanted that kind of a reception. We battled for a bit over this...eventually I won. Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club was suggested to us by our wedding coordinator. I really wasn't sure if this was the place I wanted b/c the dining room was very "green". Their views, however, was absolutely gorgeous! Our wedding date was actually supposed to be March 1st. However, when I called Isla del Sol to book our reception, they had booked a club event for that night already b/c it had taken me so long to decide. So now I had to find a date that worked for Isla del Sol, Tammy (wedding coordinator), the church, the DJ, and the photographer. I wanted to cry. Eventually we all settled on February that's how it became that we would get married on what I would later find out as Ground Hog Day!

This pic sums up our night pretty well...this was towards the end of the night when everyone was nice and toasty:

Here's the gorgeous (and calm views) when looking out the panoramic windows...the reason why I fell in love with our reception site:

We took pics during cocktail hour. While the guests enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and drinks they also got to watch a video montage that my uncle made showing pics of Kevin and me  growing up and then dating. I got a bit annoyed with my photographer so I cut our session short (sadly we didn't take pics with our bridal party - a big regret of mine for putting my emotions in the way of getting some great pics) so we did get to enjoy some of our yummy hors d'oeuvres in a private room. 

when we first got to Isla del Sol, Kevin and I took was pretty bright outside and my new hubby has very sensitive eyes so he was squinting in EVERY photo! It didn't help that the photographer's assistant was shining this "foil" to reflect some sunlight on us. I liked the pics where we were kissing b/c his eyes were closed and it didn't look like he was mad about something. lol

 one of my have pics...prob b/c we were in the shade and you couldn't really see Kevin's eyes! lol

 in the full sun, but eyes closed...and I just realized that the assistant is off to the right of this pic! The other pics (of course I have like 10 pics of almost the exact same shot) didn't have her in them. Boo, but I'm too lazy to search for more pics!

 hottie hubby looks like he was posing, but he was actually just watching me take some photos. lol

taking pics on the hill where my light pink heels turned muddy brown b/c they kept getting stuck in the lawn. lol

the head table: Kevin and I sat up there with his best man, his wife who was also one of my bridesmaids, my maid of honor and her boyfriend (whom Kevin thought I was dating b/c I talking to Dan most of the night...we weren't and we never have, but we became good friends b/c our roommates were dating each other at the time).

 the round tables had a tall centerpiece. I told my florist I wanted something simple: "twigs with just a tiny bit of flowers" and she did exactly what I wanted.

the rectangular tables had a bunch of votives and this in the center...I saw a more complex picture on a wedding magazine and I wanted something simpler. I told the florist I wanted black river rocks, floating candles and flowers. Tammy let me borrow her lucite box and black river rocks. Each place setting also had a small bunch of baby's breath tucked into the napkin (see above the lucite box). 

very fitting to have this sign at the bar with our favors: beer koozies

not sure why the bridesmaid's bouquet looks peachy b/c the roses were def pink! 


 First dance: Edwin McCain's "I Could Not Ask For More"

One of my FAVORITE pics!

 We can't be serious for too long...besides this was a loooong song and it hurt to look adoringly up at my new husband b/c even with heels on he still towered over me and I felt a little silly putting my head against his chest the whole time. Kevin picked me up and twirled me around a couple of times, we kissed, we laughed, and goofed around until finally our DJ took mercy on us and cut the song a few seconds early. 

 My Daddy and I danced to Heartland's "I Loved Her First". Funny story: I was searching for songs to suggest to my dad and heard this and thought it was perfect. Around July of 2007 I visited my grandpa (my mom's dad) who was very sick. I talked to my dad and he tells me that he's going to sing me a song on my wedding day. dad has a great voice, but I wasn't sure about this. I had visions of my dad and Kevin's dad (Jim used to be in a band) going up on stage and doing a duet and starting a big karaoke...Filiponos LOVE karaoke! lol Never mind that there wasn't a stage or a karaoke machine at the reception site, but still this was a vision I had! So then my dad breaks out into song and dance and I start laughing when he starts singing "I Loved Her First". I told him this was the song I wanted us to dance to so that's how it was chosen! 

Kevin and Debbie danced to Rascal Flatt's "My Wish". This was going to be the song I had picked for my dad and me, but then I found our perfect song. Kevin was at a loss as to what to pick. He wasn't sure whether to pick a "fun" song or a "sappy" song. I convinced him to go sappy. lol Debbie, however, in an attempt to not start bawling on the dance floor b/c her last baby was flying the coop (ok he hasn't lived at home in ages, but you know what I mean), started doing her crazy dance. I have a picture of this crazy dancing, but I CANNOT find it. Debbie, is probably saying a quick prayer of thanks! lol And Debbie, I did choose this pic so your face isn't showing b/c I know how you hate being in pics, but I do LOVE this!

 what could be causing me to do this???

or Kevin to do this??? 

oh it would be my brother in law doing his speech. Poor Tim's hands were shaking so bad from nerves that his 3 page speech would rattle in his hand, but he did a great job of making everyone laugh. He talked about everything from Kevin "drowning" him in their pool to hiding JC Penny lingerie catalogs under their bunk bed mattresses (in like middle school!!!) to crazy soccer matches and "the worm" to more serious stuff like being a good big brother and a role model. Sara's speech was short and had to be b/c she's deathly afraid of public speaking and I thought she was going to faint when I told her she HAD to do a speech. I think she may have taken a shot right before it was time to do her speech. lol But she did a wonderful quivering voice or shaking hands. She talked about how I finally found my prince charming...and she's right!

After we greeted all of our guests and ate dinner, the fun part started: dancing! The DJ was fantastic! He was the first vendor I booked b/c I absolute LOVED his style! He had everyone up and dancing the whole night and I got so many compliments about him and his assistant (he was training so we had 2 fantastic DJs for the price of one). When I booked Robb I told him that if he could not DJ my wedding then I wasn't going to hire his company (he has many DJs that work for him) b/c the sole reason why I wanted to book his company was b/c of him. He came and did not disappoint. Kevin and I only wanted 2 things out of our reception: we wanted our guests to have a delicious meal (we got A LOT of compliments on dinner, especially the filet mignon) and we wanted them to have a wonderful time. Some people think line dancing is cheesy, but I didn't care b/c I knew that would get a lot of people including the "adults" up and dancing. Filipinos LOVE line dancing! 

 Mom dancing with Sara and Lauren...and she took the baby's breath that was on her napkin and decided to stick it in her hair...looks pretty good, Mom! lol

 Lauren's helping hold my dress up so I could dance. lol I apparently dance with my pointer finger...well pointing.

Lauren and Andie are crazy dancers...Kevin and Andie are dancing fools and like to "cut a rug". I didn't know what that meant until I met Kevin. Apparently it means dancing...crazy dancing. lol 

shaking our bums l

 a break from the crazy dancing...a sweet dance between the new hubby and me!

"THE WORM" dance move! lol I had never seen this crazy dance move before! 

 another crazy dance move...Scott (to the left) was the guy who introduced us (with his then girlfriend and now wife, Amber). We met at Scott's parent's house Nov 2003 while I was still in college (I moved down 1 month later). Then we saw each other again May of 2004 for Amber's college graduation party, but he thought I was dating Dan so nothing really happened. 4th of July 2004 we saw each other at Scott and Amber's party (I was told that he thought I was cute) and started talking, but he still didn't ask for my phone number. July 10, 2004, Scott's bday party we pretty much hung out the whole weekend and he FINALLY asked for my phone number and actually called me when he said he would!!! 

a little salsa dancing???

 Sororities have candlelights for getting lavalieres (when a fraternity boys gives you "his letters" which is a pendant/lavalier), engagements, etc. and Kappa's no different...

 But we like to add a little something to spice it up...we sang "Oh Pat" at the end. It's a great song and one of the first Kappa songs that I learned Freshman year (ok really wasn't until Sophomore year that I really learned ALL the words. Sorry, the song just goes so fast so I just kinda open/closed my mouth, threw my hands up in the air, and clapped.). Here's Kevin pretending to sing it (he can't...he does't know the words). He had seen it at Lauren's wedding the year before so he knew what was coming...otherwise I think he would have looked like a deer in headlights...maybe like Brian did when we circled him and sang this fun and crazy song!

 time to fetch the garter and the DJ told Kevin to work for it so here he is crawling to me. lol

 laughing my head off b/c what else could I do with my conservative family watching all this???

 hmph! I threw that bouquet with all my might in hopes that one of the single ladies would lunge for it...well it hit the ceiling and fell about 2 feet away from me! I threw it for a second time and same thing happened. Sadly none of my single friends wanted the bouquet...sure sure, there were some of you in serious relationship that I'm sure were hoping for a ring soon! lol Somebody finally pushed Sara to grab it so she "wins" by default.

Kevin tossed that garter like a pro and the single men actually dove for it! John (his girlfriend, Kristen, was one of my co-workers) caught it...he was a great sport...coming to a wedding where he didn't know anyone and it was his birthday!

 if the wedding dress is the star of the ceremony then the wedding cake is certainly the star of the reception...and it certainly was! I had a pic of a cake that I wanted the baker to copy. She suggested I buy fake flowers for the bottom instead of doing sugar flowers which would drive my cake price up or buying fresh flowers. I doubted her at first until my wedding coordinator backed her up and said it would look great. The cake I chose was chocolate cake with a mocha fudge filling. I say that I chose the cake b/c Kevin actually had no say. He was pretty mad about this and we "fought" over it. He couldn't come with me to the baker's to taste test so I brought his sister who LOVES cake and just brought a plate of samples for Kevin. He likes chocolate cake too, but really liked Publix's vanilla with fresh strawberries. I wasn't a fan of this, but was ok I would have just chosen a chocolate cake for another tier...but Publix just did not have a very good filling for their chocolate cake. It just did not compare to the baker's mocha fudge. So I umm, "overruled" and placed an order for ALL chocolate/mocha fudge cake - he wasn't a fan of her vanilla/strawberry cake and liked the chocolate better. 

cake cutting time...see the beautiful view I talked about before???

We had a deal before hand...don't smash cake all over my face and I won't do it to you! The DJ reminded him that he was going first so if he smashed it my face, I would be able to get my retaliation...Dan was egging him on to smash it in though!

 As you can see from my clean and smiling face he was nice and nicely stuffed the piece of cake in my mouth so fed him nicely too!


Before the night was over Robb had us a play a game. I was already familiar with what I call the "Shoe Game" b/c he was also the DJ at my brother in law's wedding and he had them do the same thing. I didn't know he did the game at all of his events, but it's a pretty fun game: Kevin and I take off our shoes and we each held 1 pink heel and 1 black dress shoe. Robb would ask questions like: Who is most likely to get a speeding ticket? Who has the craziest family? Who will wear the pants in this marriage? And we raise that person's shoe if we think he/she is the correct answer. FYI we got 10 out of 10. And the answers to the above questions: Kevin, Kevin, Mae. Although Kevin told me later that he wears the pants, but knew I would raise my heel so he raised my heel too just to get the answer right. Uh-huh, right!
It was so nice to have my step-grandmother there. My grandfather had passed away 6 months before my wedding and she had only ever traveled by plane with him and wasn't ready to do that yet. She changed her mind when she found out I was upset - she's the only grandmother (my mom's mother passed away when she was in college) I have ever known. I have ever known and the only living grandparent I had left - both my grandparents on my dad's side have also passed away. It meant the world to me that she came.

 My sorority sisters and me, plus my cousin who is pretty much like my little sister

a bubble getaway! Look at my uncle (on the left) flicking that bubble wand! You're supposed to blow bubbles at us not soak us in soapy water! haha 

And loooong post/picture overload finally over, folks! Thanks for looking/reading if you've stayed with it thus far! lol

Photos above are a combination of Todd Gilman Photography and my wonderful friends. 

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