Saturday, December 1, 2012


We (all 4 of us) had a play date with the Y family this morning. They just moved a couple of weeks ago so we were also going over to see their new house. They live about an hour away so we don't get to see each other often so it was nice to hang out. We LOVE their new house and can't wait to go over and play again (ahem, that was me inviting myself over!). Cammie and I decided to do a craft. My original idea of having the kids glue little pom poms on pine cones had to be nixed b/c the only cones I found were cinnamon scented. Not a big deal, but I just wanted plain unscented pine cones. I was going to do salt dough ornaments with the kids this weekend, but Cammie and I decided to go ahead and do it this morning.

We also painted foam Christmas trees (and I just realized that I left Parker's on the kitchen island - boo!) and Cammie sent us home with a couple of trees and stickers to craft this week. We walked to the neighborhood park after lunch and let the kids run around for a little bit.

all comfy for the 1 hour drive

painting one of his ornaments

Caleigh was so excited to show us her new pink bedroom and her "piggies" (her hair was slow to grow out like Avery and they both just started to wear pigtails recently).

painting her ornament - she only did 1 b/c it only held her attention for 1 min

Beckett did good painting his ornaments - notice how he and Avery have their binkies. Cammie and I will be weaning them...soon...I think!

they just couldn't wait for the pizza to be delivered! Parker ate 2.5 slices of pizza and Avery ate 2. You'd think we don't feed them! Plus Parker had a cookie and Avery split 1 with Beckett. I splurged and dipped my pizza in Papa John's garlic butter sauce - I'd forgotten how yummy the sauce was!
Little Miss Piggy eyeing Beckett's blueberries!

she was quiet for the longest time b/c Cammie let her play with her phone! Cammie showed me a "trick" on how to lock my iPhone so between that and my Otterbox maybe my phone will be safe! 

Parker LOVED this swing and sat in it for about 20 min! 
the kids ornaments - I want to make more of the star with the word family on it, but put different sayings like joy, peace, faith, etc. also, I want to re-do our thumbprint ornaments - you can't really see the lines of our thumbprint, just the indentation of our thumb. Cammie calls me OCD. lol 

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