Thursday, December 13, 2012

fish stick tacos

I've never been a fan of fish sticks, but my cousin used to eat them all the time. When trying to get Parker to try new things and eat more fish as a toddler, I remembered my cousin eating fish sticks so I decided to give him some. He LOVED them! Parker has a pronunciation issue and calls them "sh!t d!cks". I died laughing when I first heard it. Anyway, for dinner last night I decided to make fish sticks for the kids (they don't like tortillas) and fish stick tacos for Kevin and me. Don't say "Eww!". Try it! It was super easy and yummy!

Taco ingredients:
fish sticks
tomatoes, diced
red onion, diced
shredded cheese
lime wedges

1. Cook fish sticks according to instructions on box.
2. Once fish is done cooking, warm tortillas in microwave (cover with damp paper towel and nuke for ~1 min)
3. Pile fish sticks, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, and cheese into tortilla and squeeze lime juice on top.

Kevin and I LOVE cilantro so I used almost half a bunch! I'm also a big tomato fan so I diced a whole tomato.

We had white rice and black beans too. We also love grilled fish, shrimp, and steak tacos, but those take a little longer and I wanted something super easy. Kevin and I def love us some tacos! We usually have it about once a week, but we haven't had it in a few weeks. I think it's gonna come back in the dinner rotation!

sorry for the bad pic...our dining room light gives my pics a yellow tint! 

Oh and in case you are wondering what that sauce is on my's the sauce from our favorite Cuban restaurant. For years Kevin tried to figure out how to make it and he finally figured it out a few months ago...or at least it tastes very similar. I'd give you the recipe, but I've never made it myself and Kevin doesn't measure anything either. I know it has mayo, mojo, lime juice, and cayenne pepper or hot sauce. I know it'll be hard to make not knowing how it tastes, but you should try. It totally makes the difference between a boring taco and a delicious taco. I've tried Google to find the recipe, but nothing! The consistency should be somewhat runny so alternate between adding more mayo or mojo if needed - Kevin and I do a few taste tests to get the right taste and those are the 2 things he usually adds. You should be able to taste the mayo, but it shouldn't be overwhelming. The lime juice is just a small wedge and the hot sauce or cayenne is however hot you want the sauce to be. Sorry I wasn't very helpful. Good luck! Let me know if it works out for you! 

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