Friday, December 7, 2012

family pics

We I wanted to take some family pics and our regular photographer is currently out of my price range and fully booked so I just had my sister in law take our pics. We went to a local park and had a fun morning. We got some great shots that I was able to use for our Christmas cards. Here are some of my favorite shots - some didn't make it into our Christmas cards b/c there just wasn't enough room. I have this problem every year - I can never choose just a few so our cards usually has more than 5 pics!


one day we will take a pic when everyone's looking at the camera, smiling, and everyone's my hair will be perfect. but for now i'll settle for this shot - it shows off our daily life: our crazy kiddos in action, Kevin trying to ignore the kids poking and prodding him, and me flustered and bird's nest hair everywhere

with the little boy who made us parents

"love you forever. like you for always. as long as i'm living my baby you'll be." from one of the best children's books, Love You Forever - it never fails to make me cry. If you've never read it, you should and it makes a great gift for a mom to be. I love reading this book with Parker - he sits on my lap and we rock "back and forth, back and forth, back and forth".

My little baby bunny and me - she looks like such a big girl in this picture. It seems just like yesterday that we were bringing this sweet, tiny newborn home. Now we have a sassy little giant! lol

i love this pic of all my lovies - it's not the best, but it cracks me up. Parker's being silly and Avery's trying to assert her independence - we want her to sit so of course she wants to stand. Then there's my plastered on to try and get at least one good shot - we didn't get any!

LOVE...'nuff said

they melt my heart!

they really do love each other!

then Avery falls and both feet are up in the air - cracked us all up!

love this pic!

both the kids love to be picked up, swung around in circles (normally done while grabbing them around their middle - but they were holding hands and let go), and hang upside down

after the pic above, Avery cried for more. Daddy obliged and even hung her upside down.

no doubt about it, she is def Daddy's Girl...she had him wrapped around her chubby little finger from the moment she was born! I love how they love each other!

what's wrong with this picture?!? need a clue??? look at parker's right hand... parker has done this a few times (and no my husband does not grab me like that!). each time i calmly tell him he can't touch mommy's chest. i try not to make a big deal about it b/c i think that just might encourage it more. sigh!

Parker was trying to push the swing, but "it too heavy. it too hard." he got a high five for his efforts!

one of my fave pics...just wish Avery was smiling, but this was towards the end

my reaction as I watched Avery fall backwards onto a patch of dirt/mud and get some mud caked on her brand new pink shoes and dress

they both love to run - parker likes to be chased and avery loves trying to catch him!

one of my favorite pics of Parker - a true genuine smile complete with dimples...not his crazy fake smile

this is a typical shot that i get of avery...sun shining through her hair, big toothy grin...and boogie hanging out of her nose (that or drool or snot)

my big love him to bits and pieces too!

Our Xmas card - sorry, it's blurry. It's a photo of it. I still can't find the cord for the scanner. Btw, did you know Costco sells Xmas cards? They have them for $15 for 50 cards. Awesome price. They also have a deal with Tiny Prints, but I didn't fall in love with any of the cards that had a lot of slots for pics. 

THE cross eyed from all the pics and captions yet???

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