Sunday, May 11, 2014

Avery is THREE!!!

Dear Avery,

This past Tuesday you turned 3 years old...I can't believe you are THREE already. I said last year that I couldn't believe you were two...and now you're THREE. Time has flown by way too fast! You have grown so much this year! You are talking...A LOT! I've nicknamed you sweet and sassy since you were a baby and your nickname has held true. You are the sweetest little girl, but you've got your sassy side too. When you've made up your mind about something, there's no changing it! It's pretty rare that bribery works to change your mind..believe me I've tried.

You love going to school and sometimes on the weekends you ask to go to school...usually when you're getting in trouble. Speaking of getting in often get in trouble because you choose to not listen. More often than not you get this stubborn look in your eyes and do or say what I tell you not to do as you stare me if daring me to discipline you. You are going to be such a handful and Daddy always says he can't wait until you are 16 and we are butting heads b/c we are both stubborn. Then there's you're sweet side. You still love to cuddle, especially at night time and ask to "cuddle chest" where you sit on my lap and we are chest to chest.

We started you in gymnastics a couple of months ago and you absolutely LOVE it! You ask to go all the time! Since you were under 3 years old when you first started, I had to take the class with you. Your teacher, Miss Lana, said you are really good for your age! Towards the middle of your session we got moved to a different time (thankfully b/c 9 am start time is just way too early for a Saturday!)and you got a new teacher, Miss Kaylee. She told me last week since you are turning 3 and doing really well that you can get moved up to the next age group, which is Parker's class and you get to go by yourself. I think you will do better in this class and listen more since I won't be in there with you. Since you loved gymnastics so much, we decided to have your birthday party at the gym. I had asked you months ago when kind of party you said you wanted pink and purple. lol You were obsessed quite a bit with Bubble Guppies so I went with that. I didn't anything as far as decorations go, but the cake had Bubble Guppies.

Aaaaaand pics galore:

opening up one of the cards Parker drew for her

opening up her gifts 

 Parker was just as excited about Avery opening presents
opening her gifts on her actual bday after we all got home from work/school. she loves Parker's PBK lunch box and she finally gets her own...she LOVES kitties and this was a big hit!

every time we go to the gym Parker asks to buy Avery a leotard...she actually needed a new one so this was a great gift. he picked this one out all by himself.

we went to Cold Stone to celebrate Avery's bday with family

 they wanted to take a silly picture
5/10/14: Avery's bday party day...this was the best picture I took of her. she just did not want her picture taken. this was a dress Parker picked out for Avery's xmas gift.
waiting for Mommy to finish getting ready is no fun!
the only pic I got of Avery and me...she had the cutest pigtail/French braids that my mom did! I'm so mad that we didn't get one of the 4 of all! not even of just parker & avery together!
finally on our way to the gym...Avery was so excited
yeaaaah....I couldn't get a decent shot of her. lol

 stretching out w/ Miss Lana, Parker's current teacher, was Avery's old teacher until she got moved to a different time. she will be Avery's teacher again in a couple of week when she moves to the older class.
stretching and making a "table"
we went to open gym last night since we had to make up a class and we can't make any of the weekday classes...Parker LOVES these rings!

the rings were a huge hit...made me want to try it out!

 jumping into the foam's been a while since I've done this and I was tempted to, but didn't want to get in trouble. all the kids loved jumping into the pit!
 jumping into the pit...again...
jumping in....#1001
 at open gym last night Avery finally mastered getting her feet up to the bar, tucking her feet under the bar and between her hands and flipping over. She was doing this move last week w/ help getting her legs up to the bar from Miss Kaylee when her teacher told me she needed to move up after seeing her hang on to the bar after flipping over and doing a bunch of forward rolls on her own.
 cousin Audrey who does gymnastics at the same gym was "helping" Avery
Miss Lana saw Avery's new "trick" and again got complimented on how well she's doing

two little monkeys

 3 little monkeys
 playing with the scarves
 she went to the beam on her own...then chickened out and asked for help to go across
after being helped across the lower beam she moved to a higher beam and walked across all by herself!
concentrating very hard

walking across with Audrey & Clover

 and it was a fabulous dismount!
another great dismount!

practicing his sit/stand

 parachute time...always a big hit especially when the parents help out
 time for lunch
 Erica and I tried all day to get the girls to get together and smile for the camera...being stubborn little girls they refused! They got tricked at lunch time!
lunch time
 Avery's bday cake...I bought a chocolate/chocolate mouse sheet cake from Costco, which we bought for Avery's 2nd bday last year and Parker's 4th bday last Sept. It's so yummy and for $18, you can't beat the price. I just asked them to color the top blue for "water" then my fabulous aunt made all of the decorations out of fondant. the decorations were amazing. we got a bunch of compliments and as I was putting the decorations on the cake there random people there waiting for their kids gym class to be over that complimented it and a few kids even came in and asked if they could look. she does an amazing job every year for the kids' bdays!

 Avery was so excited about her cake!!!
everyone singing Happy Birthday, which she absolutely LOVED!!!
 blowing out her candles
 photo bombing...
 yummy cake!
 more play time after eating
 I think Avery's got a little crush on big brother's friend
 trying to take a pic of all the kids...didn't quite all work out
 taking a silly pic
 swinging up high
 Aliza joined in the foam pit jumping
 Owen jumping in...
Savannah: "Come on Avery, hold up 3 fingers!"

We're 3 years old! Savannah and Avery are just 4 days apart!
for favors we handed out cookie pops that my aunt baked and decorated...she's so talented!

 my mom handing out the cookie pops...I had forgotten...good thing Lola was there!
yummy cookie!
she ate almost all the fondant off, but left most of the cookie...silly girl!
 opening her presents
 she got a plethora of Hello Kitty gifts
excited about her Frozen Look & Find book
After opening presents we went swimming...well the water was still cold so it was mostly Daddy going swimming, but the kids got thrown in a couple times went swimming for a bit. 

the water was too cold!
the kids are a bit timid w/ the water since it was freezing and they haven't been in the pool since last summer
Thank you to our family and friends who came out to celebrate our little bunny's special day! We truly appreciate everyone of you!



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