Monday, December 29, 2014

Say Cheeeese version

The fabulous Alaina Elliott took our pics again this year. She took last year's pics, which were amazing! I always have the hardest time deciding on what to wear each year because one can never tell what the weather will be like in November in Florida. For the last two years we have taken our photos the first weekend in November. Last year I planned for cold weather and was scrambling the last minute to find warm weather clothes. This year I was trying to plan for something that won't be too hot or too cold and hope pray that the weather isn't leaning towards one extreme or the other. I watched the weather like a hawk that week and would cheer for cold weather because our clothes would look cuter if we could wear everything I had planned. Well I got what I wished for because it was cold...freezing in fact. I knew it would slightly be colder since we would be taking photos at a park off of Tampa Bay. In fact the kids didn't want to cooperate at first because it was too cold and they wanted to stick their hands inside their vests. Listen here kiddos, "Buck up, we are paying a pretty penny for cute pics, get your hands out of your pockets and I'll make you hot cocoa and roast marshmallows by the fire pit when we get home." Ok so I said it a little differently, but there was definitely a lot of bribery involved, pleading, begging, a few little pokes and talking to the kids while I kept my smile pasted on my face.

So without further adieu here are the pics!!!

the first pic we took...see the tucked in hands and cuddling up to us? this was right by the water...FREEZING!

LOVE this pic...Daddy and his sweet little cupcake

she did so great at our photo session this year...a complete change from last year when she just did not want to listen to us and wanted to do what she wanted to do

Miss Sassy and the hand on the hip...

showing her sweet does exist...

Parker looks so much older this picture...I can't believe he is 5 years old!

all ready for his modeling career! lol

Avery's looking so big! 3.5 years old already!

my family

Parker and his head tilt...he copies me...we just can't help

he loves me...most of the time...unless i'm hungry and crabby. lol

LOVE this man!

** smooch **

the kids had fun playing on the steps while we took pics

this was Avery's "I'm going to act shy even though we've been taking pics for 30 minutes" pose...Parker was just hamming it up the whole cocoa, fire pit, and roasted marshmallows were on the line. LOVE that this kid can be bribed to smile and cheese it up!

this was my FAVE pic out of the whole session!!!! just LOVE!!!!

one of the main reason's why i wanted to pics at the park was because of this huge oak tree

who knew that this "forest" had a road about 2 feet away from us. 

my little man and me...LOVE!!!

mini me and me

def a Daddy's girl

another reason why i wanted to take a pic at the park...the overhanging trees...and i like the pose we used...same one as last year's

Thanks again, Alaina!!!

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