Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Family Addition...

Kevin and I have talked about getting a puppy after Bailey died and Kevin talked about getting a big dog after we got robbed. But after talking about it we decided we're not ready for the responsiblity of having a dog right now. Let's face it...dogs are sometimes harder to handle than kids. Kevin and I are happy with our family of four...well ok if I can be honest, sometimes I really miss having a teeny tiny baby and I miss those little flutters in my belly when I was pregnant and Parker and Avery would somersault. But we decided long ago that we were done and we are content with our family of 4 and our 2 crazy kiddos. We weren't planning on expanding our family, but then things change when you least expect it.

This is how it all morning started out rough. Kevin left early to go to a car show with his brother and the kids were acting crazy. I had a late night and wasn't feeling good. Then I found myself arguing with Parker to get his hair cut. The kid hates to get his haircut! I bribed him and he let me cut his hair with scissors...uhh yeah...he almost had a bowl cut! lol So I begged him to let me use Daddy's "buzzer". He shrieked as if I had just "buzzed" his ears off. So we started slow...I let him touch the guard of the razor...gentle little pets while it was turned off. Then we progressed to running it through his hair while it was turned off. Then Daddy brought out the big gun and showed him a ring pop that he could have after we cut his hair so he agreed to turn on the buzzer. He was fine and wasn't crying or shrieking...that is until the first clump of hair fell on his lap. Then he acted as if I had literally cut his ear off. I jumped away from him thinking I had...then I realized I was nowhere near his ear since I had started at the top middle of his head. This was my first time buzzing his head and I was a bit nervous, but Kevin yelled at me to just keep going. So I buzzed away while Parker cried about his hair hurting him as it fell on his lap, legs, neck, and shoulders. I kept telling him how proud I was of him for being so brave and my sweet polite boy just kept saying "thank you, mommy." So after about 10 minutes I had a freshly buzzed boy with a ring pop...

please try to ignore the runny nose...his allergies are driving me nuts!

Oh and what about our new addition you ask??? No I wasn't going off on a tangent...I really had a point. You see I had to bribe him to get a hair cut. Not just with a ring pop, but with a:

fish!!! And with a tiny little slip of the tongue I agreed to get Parker a fish if he let me cut his hair. And just like that we became a family of 5. Parker originally said he wanted a small fish, but then gravitated towards the koi. I laughed and steered him towards these cute little guppies w/ pretty red fan shaped fins. We got for each kid. Then I told Parker to pick out a bowl and the sales lady advised we needed a filtered a tank. Say what, lady? I wanted something simple! She said the only fish we could get that didn't require a filtered tank were beta fish. So we said goodbye to the guppies and I steered Parker towards the beta fish.
looking at the goldfish...I think he looked at all the tanks...

Avery loved looking at all the fish too! Too bad Mommy didn't want to handle more than 1 fishbowl and you can't put 2 beta fish in the same bowl. So we are gonna be a happy family of 5!!!

Parker's first was love at first sight! Welcome to the family, Alligator! My child obviously needs to be brainwashed a bit that he is a Seminole and not a Gator. Needless to say he has insisted that his fish be named Alligator. When I first asked him what he wanted to name his fish he said: Chuck E Cheese then he said Nemo. His third choice was Alligator and he has refused to rename him. Sigh!
"Alligator, you eat your lunch!"

So we are now a happy family of 5. I haven't had a fish in forever and I have high hopes, but I'm hoping this will teach Parker some responsbility. Our rules regarding Alligator: 1) You can't touch the bowl 2) You can't feed Alligator without Mommy and Daddy. I will clean out Alligator's fish bowl, but Kevin has agreed that he has burial duty when the time comes b/c I am NOT going to do it!

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