Saturday, March 23, 2013


Robbed...Burglarized...I still can't comprehend it ever happened. Kevin came home from picking the kids up from school the other day and saw a piece of a picture frame on the floor. He briefly wondered if I had had a tantrum before work and flung a picture frame around (no this has never happened before), but then realized that our TV was missing. Yep, that would be our mounted flat screen TV was gone. He also realized that the other flat screen we had in our bedroom was gone. The TVs we are sad about b/c everyone in our family is a big TV watcher, but they also took our 6 month old Macbook with photos I have of the kids that I haven't backed up yet b/c I hadn't bought a new hard drive. Go figure I have already deleted the pics off of the camera. So I'm really really sad about that. It hurts that they stole my jewelry...some were expensive pieces, but it's not the price that hurts. The pearl bracelet my mom let me borrow on my wedding day was stolen. The Tiffany bracelet Kevin gave me for our 2 year dating anniversary was stolen. The watch Kevin bought me for our 1 year wedding anniversary was stolen. The sapphire and diamond ring Kevin bought me as a "push present" after I had Parker was stolen. The charm bracelet my mother-in-law bought me with charms on it representing the kiddos was stolen. The ring my mom bought me for my college graduation was stolen. Avery was given a bunch of gold and diamond earrings that she was still too young to wear that I was keeping in my jewelry box for gone. Avery's baby bracelet Kevin's godmother gave her for her baptism was stolen. Avery's other bracelet that was given to her for her baptism by a grandmother figure was stolen. I had 2 sets of diamond earrings that are now gone too. I had a bunch of cheap jewelry in there too and I had the garter that I wore on my wedding day tucked in there. ALL GONE!

But, what hurts the most is that they stole the pearl earrings my mom bought me to wear on my wedding day. The same earrings that I thought I'd let Avery borrow on her wedding day. I pictured her walking down the aisle wearing my earrings and wearing Lola's pearl bracelet too. Now she can't. Sure I can file an insurance claim and probably buy some of the same items again, but it's not the same thing. I can buy the same pearl earrings that I wore on my wedding day, but those weren't the ones I wore on my wedding day so the significance of Avery wearing them on her wedding day is gone. I can buy another $100 Fossil watch (by no means was it expensive), but that watch represented something more. Kevin bought it for me while we were on our 1 year wedding anniversary trip. We were having to take it easy b/c I was 6 weeks pregnant and had had a close call with the pregnancy just days before the trip so we just walked around City Walk and stayed around our hotel. Every time I wore it I was reminded of how sweet and caring my husband was and of the precious baby we were so excited to have. If I buy the same exact watch it will only remind me that the first one was stolen by some uncaring ruthless a**hole(s) who probably pawned my watch.

But what is really bothering me...and Kevin too is that we feel so violated. Home is supposed to be where you feel safest, but someone invaded our space and took that sense of security from us. Kevin and I barely slept a wink the night that it happened b/c I was so paranoid that the burglar(s) would come back. Kevin took the next day off to clean the house up and to strengthen the security of our house. Still I find myself looking over my shoulder and looking at everyone who walks or drives by my house suspiciously. I was home by myself for a bit yesterday morning and I found myself checking all the windows, the locks, throwing open the kids bedroom doors and checking closets. I blow dried my hair while facing my bedroom door so that I could see if anyone was going to jump out at me. I'm paranoid now that I'm constantly being watched and I hate that feeling! I just want my sense of security back! How can I get that back???

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