Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. I had been battling a sore throat and coughing on/off for a few days and was just not feeling well. I just wanted to sit at home in my pajamas, but my mom was in town and wanted to go out. Besides my hubby is part Irish so he feels the need to celebrate the holiday. Parker was pretty excited about "Patrick Day" too and Avery wanted to wear her shamrock dress from the moment I pulled it out of her closet to put it up against her to see if it would fit. Side note: my 22 month old def makes it known what she does and doesn't want to wear. I did not experience this with Parker until after he turned 3 so it's all so new to me! 

We decided to go to a St. Patrick's Day event in downtown Dunedin, a nearby town. It was actually pretty nice and low-key...probably b/c we got there so early! lol Sure there was a bunch of beer being served, but what I liked is that it was more of a family event with lots of kids running around and playing. We didn't stay long...about 1.5 hours...enough time to walk around, let the kids run and play, have lunch, then eat some ice cream. My sick self almost fell asleep during the car ride home and grocery shopping drained me. I was able to take a short nap on the couch thanks to my well behaved children! 

Here are some pics from our morning out:

my sweet babies dress in their finest greenery

I can't believe she let me put these white sandals on her. She has been very picky about her clothes and shoes for a while now. She has 1 pair of shoes that she wears and won't let another pair touch her feet without screaming bloody murder. 

Parker was allowed to eat the bag of chips (and share with Avery) that I got with my corned beef sandwich after eating a few bites of Kevin's corned beef and cabbage. He refused at first, but after he tried it he said: "Umm, it yummy!".

my sweet boy and me

the kids love it when Lola comes down to visit!

a rare pic of the 4 of us

mommy and me

hubby and me

eating "green ice cream" on St. Patrick's Day...this is the flavor that we usually have at home b/c I LOVE mint chocolate chip and Parker actually picked this flavor out by himself. 

the kids split 1 scoop...well Avery got a small portion...she was in heaven! 

big mistake...I got 1 scoop of Almond Joy on a waffle cone. I felt sick afterwards...

getting ready to get in the car and she had ice cream on her cheek, down her chin, into her neck and chest...yummy sticky mess!

Parker was a little messy too, but not bad and he asked for some help with his "ice cream soup" at the end otherwise there would have been a lot messier and stickier.

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