Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jo Koy Date Night Out

Have you heard of Jo Koy? If not, go Google him! He is hilarious! But be forewarned, he curses and talks dirty...a lot. I first saw one of his shows on TV a couple of years ago when Kevin was watching him. I'm normally not a fan of comedy shows, but this guy had me hooked b/c he is half Filipino and he had a little bit about his Filipino mom. Some of the things he said and how he said them reminded me of my mom, aunts, and/or aunties ("Auntie" is what you call your friend's mom..."Uncle" would be their dad. Kinda weird I know. So when you call out Auntie at a Filipino party you get about 30 people turning their heads to look at you). Anyway, my sister in law found out he was coming to town so we bought tickets to go.

We had a blast! Laughing is good for the soul. Crying with smeared eye makeup b/c you are laughing so hard...yep it was that kind of a show. We all talked about being Jo Koy what to do with the kiddos??? lol

we went to carne Chop House after the show...they had yummy steak quesadillas!

we walked around Ybor after was a little crazy since they had a St. Patrick's Day parade during dinner

we walked up and down the street...eyed some of the bars and clubs that we used to go to. Did you know that Prana is still around? lol But sadly our tired 32+ year old bodies could not handle all the fun. Plus my 5" heels were not made for walking long distances, especially on brick walk ways and roads littered with little beads. My sister in law picked us up for the shower and we thought about calling in a car service to pick us up if we all drank too much, but since I only had 3 drinks and I sipped my wine through dinner I was fine and drove us home. 3 drunks in the car trying to tell me how to get out of times! lol Then at 1 point Missy yelled "Go this way!" and for some reason I swerved (safely) and followed her direction...only to realize she had directed me towards the slightly longer way home. "UN-BEH-REE-RAH-RUR"!!!! Last time I listed to a drunk Missy! lol

Jo (we are on a first name basis now) will be on Chelsea Lately next week...I've got to remember to DVR it! Well folks, my sick (literally sick, not hungover sick) needs to get back in bed with my hungover hubby! Oh, the luxury of having Lola in town for the weekend!!! She's got munchkin duty! lol Love you and thank you, Lola!!!

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