Saturday, March 9, 2013

One Sick Momma

I think I'm coming down with something...I have a low fever, sore throat, nausea, killer headache, and feel like I have no energy. Plus I tweaked my back last night and made it worse earlier today. When you're a Momma none of that stuff matters. You're kids have needs and they want them met RIGHT NOW! They don't care that you feel like poop and Daddy went out for a boy's night out so you are left by yourself and you're seeing double and shivering like crazy even though it's not cold in the house and you've got 2 layers on. Kids are pretty demanding creatures and my kiddos are no exception.

She is one hot mess...and very demanding...

Here's how my night has gone so far...I understand it's not even 10, but Momma ain't feeling good:

7:15 Bath for both kids (Kevin did this by himself)
7:25 Get kids dressed in pajamas (I helped)

This is all me now:
7:32 Get kids tucked into bed
7:47 I climb into bed wearing longs sleeves, sweatshirt, flannel pj bottoms, and using 2 blankets
8:23 Avery wakes up screaming
8:30 I go into Avery's room, wipe her tears, and cuddle her on her recliner
8:35 I climb back into bed
8:36 Parker walks out of his room and into mine to tell me he has to poop
8:37 Parker is done and needs his bum wiped; he tucks himself back into bed b/c I have no energy
8:38 I climb back into bed
8:57 Avery wakes up screaming
9:03 I go into Avery's room, wipe her tears, and cuddle her on her recliner
9:08 I take some meds, make myself a cup of ginger tea with honey...and grab a couple (ok 4) Samoas
9:22 I spill hot tea all over myself b/c Avery wakes up screaming and scared the beejeesus out of me
9:25 I go into Avery's room, give her some Motrin, wipe her tears, and cuddle her on her recliner
9:45 Mommy is writing on her blog and hoping and praying that all goes well the rest of the night...

Ok, g'nite all! Please pray the kids sleep well so that I can get some sleep too!

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