Sunday, March 31, 2013

Avery's wedding day...

Ok, so weird title...but it'll make sense in a minute. Remember this post where I talked about dreaming of Avery wearing the same earrings I wore on my wedding day and that she wouldn't be able to b/c the darn robbers took them along with my jewelry box??? Well look here:

I found them!!! I was going through an old makeup basket that I haven't used in months and saw the box...I opened it up expecting it to be empty and almost fell over when I saw my earrings. I litterally screamed and Kevin came running over. I looked at Avery who was sitting on my vanity waiting to get her hair blowdried before her nap and just gave her kisses...knowing that my dreams may come true. If she decides not to wear them then that's fine, but at least she will have that choice now! AHHHHHH!!!!

We've upped the security at our house. I've gotten  more paranoid and still blow dry my hair facing my bedroom door. I still check closets and jump at loud noises. I suppose it will just take time to feel secure again in my own home. In the meantime I'm on cloud nine!!!

It's a great Easter so far!!! Will post more on that later!!!

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