Thursday, March 7, 2013

"I Just Love You So Much"

Those were the words that greeted me when I got home from work yesterday. Parker is generally a sweet and cuddly boy, but I think these words stem from the rough morning we had. It started with Avery waking up crying and refusing my attempts to comfort her and crying/shrieking for 10 minutes. Parker was grumpy and was a bit difficult to dress, but his real meltdown happened when I gave him the 2 little cups of medicine to take. He has developed a sudden aversion to taking medicine. Granted one of them tastes "yucky" according to him. He prefers the other one. Too bad for him, he has to take both and twice a day!

Anyway, on Wednesdays I like to drop Avery off first even though I have to double back so I can walk Parker into his pre-school (it's the only day he doesn't have speech class). After I talked to Parker's teacher, I turned to Parker to say goodbye and ask him to give me a kiss and I was flabbergasted when his bottom lip started to quiver and he ran to me, climbed into my lap and grabbed onto my neck. He was full out crying! He has NEVER done this before...except maybe that 1 week he and Avery stayed at that awful home day care after I went back to work after my maternity leave. So I was def surprised when he started crying. He kept telling me "I want to go home. I just love you so much." I know I made it worse, but I stayed about 5 minutes hugging him and trying to calm him down. I left him with his teacher who was trying to calm him down and distract him, but I heard him crying for me as I walked down the long hallway and out the door. My heart just keeps breaking!!!

So it was really wonderful to hear his words when he came home. He said it with a smile too. Then he proceeded to tell me: "I cry at school b/c I just love you so much. I nap and cry b/c I just love you so much. I miss you!". He apparently also cried when he woke up from his nap. But he also told me he was happy and played at school, saw his cousin at chapel, and proudly showed off the Dr. Seuss mask that he made. He cuddled really close to me as we read "Goodnight Moon" and we snuggled for a long time as I made up stories about black trains and Mack (from the Cars movies). Oh, my sweet boy!

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