Wednesday, March 6, 2013

22 months old

Avery is 22 months old today...I cannot believe that in 2 short months she will be 2 years old! Where has the time gone?!?

Avery was weighed almost 2 weeks ago and she is a hefty 28.5 lbs according to our pediatrician's scale. Little big girl loves to eat! She typically eats fruit when she gets home from daycare while Kevin fixes dinner. She usually eats all of her dinner then asks for fruit when I get home. She also eats about 1/4 of my dinner! Last night she also had pretzels and a banana! Tonight she had 2 tangerines, milk, and yogurt after I got home. She also had a few bites of my dinner! Maybe she's going through a growth spurt???

Avery is talking lots and can count 1-10 and occasionally to 12. Her favorite song to sing is "Happy Birthday" and she loves to hold books, toys, etc and pretend it is a cake. She also loves to sing her ABC, but she doesn't know all of her usually goes something like this: ABCJKMPQHIJKMPQH...and it's a vicious cycle that never ends. It's actually pretty cute b/c sometimes she wakes up and sits or lays in her crib and sings her ABC quietly to herself. She also loves to try and do the hand motions of "Itsy Bitsy" but gets too excited to actually sing except she loves to yell out "yay" at the end...although that's not really part of the song!

she was wild and crazy tonight...full of giggles and just wanted to jump all over me and play!

She is talking a lot and it cracks Kevin and me up to hear her and Parker have a conversation. Kevin did a video of them talking on the way home from school today. Their conversation went something like this:

Parker: "Ay-ree, you go school today?"

Avery: "Ya, school."

Parker: "Ay-ree, you go poop in your diaper?"

Avery: "Ya, poop die-per."

Parker: "Ay-ree, you play your school?"

Avery: "Ya, play."

It's mostly Avery saying "ya" and repeating back what Parker said, but it's still cute. Her favorite sentence is still "No, I not!". She loves to tell me this about 50 times a day! Drives me nuts!

Avery loves her Bubba. When we drop him off at school, she yells out "Bye, Bubba!" as well pull away. The first time we dropped him off at his new pre-school, she cried for him. I think probably b/c she thought I was just dropping him off at some random place! lol She's always looking to see what he's doing and wants to copy whatever he is doing. If I want her to drink her milk and she's refusing, I can usually get her to drink it if I get Parker to take a sip of his milk.

Avery is definitely developing into her own person and her personality is def showing through. I still describe her as sweet and sassy. She has her very sweet moments when she wants to cuddle, sit on my lap and read books, or play nicely. Then there are those moments like I mentioned above where she likes to tell me "no, I not" and she might as well be pursing her lips and pouting like a 15 yr old.

she found my heels, put them on the right feet, and walked around the house...good thing they were my sensible heels and not my stilettos otherwise she probably would have fallen over!

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