Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Egg Hunting

We went to an Easter party this past weekend that a couple of my friends were hosting. Crazy me didn't look at the invite and thought it was at 10:30...nope it started at 10 am. Would have been fine, but we were already running late. Sorry little kiddos for making you wait and just watching the 400 (yes 400) Easter eggs brightly nestled in the green grass...and the sun baking the chocolates inside. Ooops! So here's picture overload:

getting ready to start the Easter egg hunt!!!

checking his first egg out! Look at Julia (in the yellow dress)...she was flying to grab her first egg!

he's on a mission...

hmm...let's shake it and see if it makes noise. if not then I'm chucking it back on the grass!

this egg had candy inside!
Grandma Sheila helping Avery find some eggs

digging in trying to find a special treat since Mommy's head was turned away!

digging in the bushes for eggs

she loved hunting for eggs candy!

basket full of eggs

such a sweet smile

counting his eggs...or rather counting the chocolates and other goodies

"Please, Grandma Sheila??? Ignore my Mommy telling you I'm not supposed to have jelly beans! They're good for me, you know!"

ahhh!!! LOVE sweet moments like this!

look at her tear streaked face...all b/c she ate her jelly beans all gone. Bubba made it all better by sharing his jelly beans.

"Hey, Owen, we are going to watch you count and eat your chocolate b/c our Mommy's mean and only let us eat a few jelly beans!"

Parker and his buddy, Owen

Miss A and Miss E

Who fell for the crocodile tears, sweet pleas, trembling chin, cute face and even cuter pig tails and gave this crazy little girl more jelly beans?!? Mommy did! lol

Sweet Caleigh!

my kids were hungry...if you couldn't tell by Avery chowing down on her pizza!

Owen and Emma - silly kiddos refused to look at my camera and smile. lol

"Avery come here next to me!"

Avery: "Beckett, you're so cute!"
Beckett: "I think you're pretty cute too!"

"Hey Avery, watch how much my grandparents and your mom will get excited if I lean over and give you a hug!"

"Beckett, they'll go crazier if you give me a kiss!"


"How was that for a smooch, Avery?"

Parker was a busy little boy...a rare moment of rest and sharing a toy!

pinata time!

Elle was like a little mommy to Avery

"oh, bunny they tell me I have to hit you with the bat...I'll give you a little tap!"

B's turn!

Parker got a good whack in...

Miss C's turn...look at that tongue sticking out in concentration!

HUGE smile for 2 reasons: 3 pretty girls sitting with him and he's eating a cupcake!

Julia's such a neat eater!

Caleigh's pretty neat too...

this boy?!? I don't know what happened. I came back after about 5 min to check on him and found this! I guess this is what happens when you give a little boy who rarely has special treats a cupcake. lol the only thing he ate was the icing...he had no interst in the actual cake!

We had a wonderful time at the party Cammie and Liz. Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

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