Monday, March 11, 2013

Daylight Shmay-light Saving What Time???

Avery has been having a rough time falling asleep...for nap and at night. It all started on  Saturday night. She took a long 2 hour nap on Saturday afternoon, but I don't know what happened after that. Maybe she realized Daylight Savings Time was going to happen at 2 am and she was going to lose 1 hour of sleep so she decided to boycott sleeping altogether??? She's normally really easy to put to bed. Sure we have the occasional times where she refuses to go to bed, but those are few and far in between.

she has been fairly good during the day (she's getting her haircut here)

I have a few guesses as to what's going on with her:
1) Daylight Savings Time is really affecting her and she's trying to adjust to the new time change. I don't remember Parker having issues like this so this is new to me. I do remember Avery having some issues falling asleep last November when we set the clocks back, but then again she was also teething...

2) She might be getting her 2 year molars. Momma ain't sticking her finger in that mouthful of teeth so who knows what's going on in there. On Saturday night after she cried a few times I finally decided to give her Motrin. She fell asleep for the night after that. Last night, however, the Motrin didn't work. She was awake and crying on/off for almost 1 hour. I'm all about the crying out method. I used this method for both kids. More so for Parker since he was a wacky sleeper, but Avery has always been a pretty good sleeper and I can only let her cry for so long before I get paranoid that she will wake Parker up then I'll have 2 crazy kiddos on my hands. Tonight she cried out 4-5 times and kept asking to cuddle, but almost as soon as Kevin and I would sit down on her recliner with her she would say "bed" and point to her crib. Finally I gave her Motrin, cuddled her, sang Twinkle Twinkle (for the 10th time), and talked to her about it being night night time and no more crying. Maybe it was the Motrin. Maybe it was the talk. Maybe she just got really tired. Whatever it was she finally went to bed.

3) She's trying to assert her independence and make her voice heard. I call Avery "sweet and sassy". She can be the sweetest little bunny...she loves to give kisses and loves to climb onto my lap to read books or play. But she's also very sassy. People are so surprised when they hear her say "No, I not!" b/c she sounds like she's 13 with an attitude. She has been protesting taking baths, brushing her teeth, changing her diaper, changing her clothes, putting her socks and shoes on, putting a bow in her hair, cleaning up toys, and going to sleep. The only thing she doesn't protest is eating! Her favorite word has to be "NO!".

It's probably a combination of all 3. I just hope this phase ends...really really REALLY soon!!!

this was after nap last weekend, but this is normally what we look like when cuddling her on her recliner for the 15th time

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