Friday, March 15, 2013

Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus

You've heard of that saying, right? What about men and women are just wired differently??? It's crossed my mind sure, but last night Kevin's response to my question just made me wonder. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "How much of his lunch did Parker eat?"

Kevin: "I don't know. I don't really look at it."

Crickets. Crickets. Crickets.

I mean how do you not look at what is left over when you clean out his lunchbox? First: you know how wacky crazy I am and NEED to know how much of it was left. Second: Aren't you concerned about his health and whether he's eating or not? In Kevin's defense I pack Parker's food so he doesn't even have an idea of how much Parker has eaten. I don't expect him to count how many nuts Parker didn't eat, if Parker had 3.5 tangerine sections left, or if Parker took approximately 2.25 bites of his sandwich. I just want a general idea.

Here's another conversation that also happened last night while Kevin and I were discussing how hungry both kids seem to be every night despite eating a lot for dinner and tons of fruit before dinner to tide them over:

Me: "You have to give them some protein and not just a bunch of carbs so they'll feel full longer."

Kevin: "And what kind of protein should I give them?"

Me (trying to remember what we have in the fridge): "Cheese?"

Kevin: "Your son doesn't like cheese."

Me: "Well you could have given him some hardboiled eggs, but you ate them all!"

Kevin (all defensive): "I made them for me!"

Me: "Really? You made them for yourself...just yourself?"

We dropped the conversation and continued with our date night in, but it really got me thinking. I remember a conversation I had with my mom when I was pregnant with Parker and we were eating dinner at a restaurant and my mom gave me her last bite of food, I said something along the lines of: I don't think I could ever give my kid my last bite of food or let my kid order for me (like my mom sometimes does when I can't decide between 2 different entrees...I know call me spoiled, but at least my mom and I have similar tastes in food). Truth be told Kevin is trying to eat healthy and the eggs are a good snack...they just happened to be our last 6 eggs and I forgot to buy more at the store. Then there's also times when the kids flock to him as he is trying to eat and wanting a bite of this or a bite of that. Kevin shares his food with them, but he ends up grumbling after a while or if they take too many chips. I (and probably other women) gladly give up their food...ok so I get a little stingy with my fries, but I still share them. I just may eat them a little faster. I often give them my last bite and Avery often eats a good portion of my meals. I think a mom's instinct is to make sure her babies are well fed and taken care of. Where as a dad's instinct might be to feed himself first so that he can remain strong and defend his family. Ok so I know this isn't the Stone Ages, but that's what popped in my head. How else would you explain it?

Then there's the scenario of dealing with a crying baby in the middle of the night. There have been plenty of times where I've gotten up numerous times with Parker already b/c he likes to get re-tucked back in after he wakes up from peeing and I'd like a turn in getting some sleep too. Here's how it usually goes down when we hear Avery crying through the monitor:

Me: "Kev, Avery's crying. Go take care of her."

Kevin (rolling away from the monitor and me and starts snoring immediately): "eiae nf jdaifwnvmpai."

So I get out of bed and really have to stop myself from smacking my sweet sleeping/snoring husband, stomp across our room and into Avery's room, to cuddle her for a sweet second and to lay her back down. It's not a long process, but I'd just like to be able to get some sleep too. When I talk to Kevin about it the next morning he laughs and swears he didn't hear her. I DON'T BELIEVE IT FOR ONE SECOND! Kevin was so great when both kids were newborns and needed feedings/changing in the middle of the night. He somehow woke up to help me almost every single time, but now he apparently can't hear a screaming child.

Oh oh oh...this one is good and tops it all off...last Saturday we had this conversation:
Kevin: "I'm going to go look at tires and wheels (rims)."

Me: "You can get tires, but we don't have extra funds for rims."

Kevin (20 min later): "I'm going to Target to get some new undershirts and stuff."

So he leaves with Parker and comes back about 1 hour later and he tells me all the things he got with Parker. About 5 minutes before I'm about to walk out the door, I get this bombshell dropped on me:

Kevin: "I ordered new tires...and rims."

Me (whirling around and eyes blazing): "WHAT?!?"

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! He has never made such a large purchase without talking to me about it before...especially on something I've said no on b/c we don't have extra funds for it. I left the house before I could find a toy to chuck at him or before I started crying b/c I was so mad...I hate this about myself by the way: I cry when I'm really mad. I plotted ways to get back at I buy a new Coach purse? Maybe get a new pair of shoes? Or have a nice relaxing day at the spa? Or maybe I'll start packing him pb&j sandwiches every day for lunch for the next couple months. Or maybe I'll just give him the silent treatment. Well silent treatment won b/c we really don't have the funds for the rims or for expensive purses or spas. I got back a few hours later and was pretty much ignoring him (really mature, I know!)...til he dropped another bombshell on me:

Kevin: "You know I was just joking right? I didn't really buy rims. I haven't even bought tires yet."

I didn't know whether to kill him, to scream, to cry, or to hug him. I know he was testing me to see what my reaction would be. If I didn't act too crazy then he would have ordered them, but since I went slightly ballistic it was a no go. I mean who does that?!? Who plays such a crazy mean "joke" on their wife? I guess obviously a man who wants rims whose wife could care less about cars and fixing them up and would rather spend their money elsewhere!

Don't get me wrong. I love my hubby. He's fantastic. He's a wonderful husband and dad. But I think we are just wired a little differently. Plus I'm pretty sure I do things that drives him insane. I'm OCD about certain things that he's not as concerned about. I could careless about cars whereas he wakes up at the crack of dawn once a month to go to breakfast car show thingie that starts at the ungodly hour of in a.m....and on a Saturday!!!

Does your hubby/significant other do anything that drives you nuts? Make me feel better and comment below and tell me!!!

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