Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day to my daddy, father in law, and to the man who gave me the best gifts I could have ever asked wild and crazy, but super sweet and loving kiddos. I didn't plan anything for today...I figured we would just spend a relaxing day at home since we have been going going going for the past few weeks.
i was originally going to put kevin's dress shirts on them, but it was really really big and you would only be able to see the tips of the shoes.

Parker woke up at the crack of dawn (6:20 am) and Avery woke up around 7:10. I ended up taking Avery to the pediatrician b/c she hasn't been feeling well and has been tugging at her ears. But before we left, the kids gave Kevin his present. Nothing big, but something he needs.

After we got back home, we just lounged around, ate breakfast, played, watched a movie, ate lunch, then went swimming.

For dinner, we are going to have one of Kevin's favorite dishes. It's a Cuban dish called Masitas de Puerco. It's basically a fried pork dish with black beans and rice and plantains. It's sooo good! I order the exact same thing and the kids order Arroz con Pollo (yellow rice with chicken). For dessert I ordered a flan for myself (nobody else likes it) and everyone else will get ice cream cones.

all nice and smiling at the pediatrician's office...completely aware that Dr. G just laid down the verdict: an antibiotic SHOT!!!
i gave her the iTouch to distract her from the impending shot
poor baby got her shots on her bum...and yes that's plural! TWO shots!!! First I wasn't even prepared for her to get a shot (I hate needles!) and then apparently it was gonna be 2 shots! She did so good the first shot though. She didn't even flinch or cry. But the antibiotic, which was the 2nd shot apparently stings so that's when all hell broke loose and the nurse asked if she could have a lollipop.
we rarely give the kids candy, but ya know, when you get two shots, even Mommy will cave and give you candy!
kevin has been needing a new coffee mug for a while now and I've been raving about my Tervis cup for months! He never would have spent that much money on a cup, but I think they are worth it b/c they really keep your coffee hot and my drinks cold! hopefully daddy's isn't too embarassed to use his cup at work with half naked babies on it! lol

happy father's day 2013

Daddy, we want to be just like you when we grow up. Love, Parker & Avery

getting ready to go swimming

a Tervis full of Riesling...I filled Kevin's with Yueng Ling

I'm not a pool jumping kinda girl. I tend to get my feet wet for a few minutes then move on to my knees, then get the idea. Well when your husband and 2 kids are egging you on to jump and calling you chicken...and your 2 year old is smirking at you as she jumps into the pool with no problem...what are you left to do, but jump in the pool...and drag her in with you!

after pool time we watched Bubble Guppies in bed before putting the kids down for naps (in their own beds)

I haven't asked Kevin how his Father's Day has been, but poor guy had to make his own breakfast, cooked lunch (he made a Filipino noodle dish called pancit, which is similar to lo mein), and will be picking up our dinner to go! In my own defense, I was the at the doctor's office during breakfast and I was slathering sunscreen on the kids while he made lunch and I did offer to go pick up dinner. Love you, babe! We love and appreciate all that you do for us! xoxo

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