Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Camp

Parker's last day of speech class was last Tuesday and is officially on Summer vacation...only he doesn't get a "real" summer vacation b/c I'm back to working full time. So he is going to his pre-school full time (during the school year he only goes full time for 1 day and half day the rest of the week). They have a summer camp program, where it's a little more chill and relaxed and there will be lots of fun activities.

Avery started going to the same preschool yesterday. She's still too little to really understand, but I have been "prepping" her for the last month since we've decided to switch her from her home daycare. I've been telling her she's going to start going to a big kid school, she's going to Bubba's school, telling her her teacher's name, practicing her new teacher's name (Ms. Robinson is kinda hard and we've got Ms. Robins down...just gotta get that "son"), and I've been taking her on Monday's when I drop Parker's lunch box and nap bag off and on Wednesdays when Parker doesn't have speech class so that she can get used to the place. Last week she actually started to wonder around Parker's classroom. The great thing too is that we saw Ms. Robinson at my niece's bday party last weekend so Avery got to see and talk to her for a little bit and I reminded Avery who she was. I don't think she fully understood it b/c after our "prepping" sessions she'd start saying "Debbie" (her old nanny) and naming all of her friends from her daycare.

my sweet baby girl is growing up! Parker and I went to Target last week and we bought Avery her lunch box (I've been banned from ordering anything from PBK w/ specific instructions not to buy a lunch box...what's wrong with a $15 lunchbox?!?). Parker was so excited to give it to her and she was so happy to have her own lunch box finally!

Parker was very excited about Avery going to his pre-school and wanted to walk her to class so we dropped her off first. Ms. Robinson showed her her cubby and where to put her lunchbox and she wandered around while I talked to Ms. Robinson. I'm sure Ms. Robinson probably thought I was nuts, but I was really nervous about Avery's first day. This was a big change for her. She went from staying home full time to a home daycare with 4-5 other kids to now going to a pre-school with up to 10 kids. She's going to be napping in a cot with a bunch of kids around her...she has only ever slept in a crib or a pack & play. She only gets about 30 min to eat cher lunch and she eats slower than I do (unless she's starving then she stuffs the whole plate in her mouth). Plus there are 3 year olds in her class (young 3 - Parker was an old 3 and got moved to a different class) and I wondered if she'd get picked on.
this looks a bit like a line up pic the way she's holding that chalkboard. lol

Parker has been waiting for this day for 1 month. I told him that Avery will be a "big girl" soon and go to his preschool so at least 3x per week he'd ask me if Avery was a big girl yet.

Parker's class was still in the "purple door", which is the before care classroom, but Ms. Robinson had already picked her kids up so we dropped Avery off first so Parker could do his "big brother duty" and say "bye" to Ms. Robinson. He cried Thursday night when I told him that he was moving to a different classroom and Ms. Robinson was going to be Avery's teacher. I think he thought they would be in the same class and he whimpered "I just love Ms. Robinson so much!"

Avery leading the way...Ms. Robinson moved from the blue door to the yellow door this summer.

I talked to Ms. Robinson...voiced my concerns about napping. I was really mainly worried that we'd get kicked out after the first day if Avery cried like a maniac, refused to nap, and kept the other kids up. Avery did well until I left to drop Parker off in the orange door. I saw that little chin quiver and I dashed off before it became a full out screaming kinda cry. While helping Parker get settled, I asked one of the aides if she knew where Parker's nap blanket and burpy (plain ol' white burp cloth that we used as a burp cloth when he was a baby and he new uses as a "lovey") was b/c it wasn't sent home last Friday. She looked for it and came back 20 seconds later and told me to hang around in Parker's classroom for a bit b/c Avery was crying and they didn't want her to see me walk by.

Less than 1 min later I was given the ok to leave and I peeked in the yellow door and saw this...and no crying was heard!  

bummed that this is the only pic I took of Parker in his classroom b/c I was pre-occupied with Avery crying, not letting her see me, and finding Parker's blanket and burpy, which we found in the purple classroom and I accidentally changed the setting w/o knowing it. Parker was fine and did well in Ms. Powers' classroom. His friends, Catherine and Jason, from the blue door got moved up with him and his friend, Luke, from speech class was also in his class.

I called to see how Avery was doing, but got the school's voicemail. But Kevin said according to Ms. Brown (the after care teacher), Avery had a pretty good day without a lot of crying, she played, and napped. They also said that Avery saw Parker walking down the hallway with his class and she flew out of her classroom to give him a hug and say hi. I'm sure she was relieved to see him! When I got home, I saw a note that Ms. Robinson wrote (bless her sweet heart, she probably knew I was going nuts at work): "Avery had a wonderful day! A little crying at first, but then played well with the other children." I'm relieved! I hope Avery has a smooth transition into "summer camp" and Parker does well in his new classroom! 

Today, Parker went with me to drop Avery off. She already knew what was going to happen b/c she was practically attached to my leg. She just had a quivering chin and wasn't crying until I bent over to say a quick goodbye and give her a kiss and handed her over to Ms. Robinson. I stayed in Parker's classroom for about 5 min and could hear Avery crying a little bit next door. By the time I walked out she was only letting out a little cry and she was being held by Ms. Robinson's aide and facing away the door. I tiptoed away...and left a little broken piece of my heart behind. I hate how she's crying, but I know she'll be fine soon and will love it at the preschool!

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