Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

5/5/13: Mother's Day this year couldn't have been more perfect. Parker woke up around 7:35...he was sleeping in our room b/c the kids' godmother, Kristin, was visiting and had slept in Parker's room the night before. She was supposed to leave early and I thought she had slept in so I popped out of bed and saw her getting ready. Parker and I sat on the couch and waited for her to get done and then Kevin came walking out. I was confused b/c I was letting him sleep in (I know...it should have been my day to sleep in). Well he and Parker disappeared and then came back and Parker showed me "a surprise". I saw a vase of cut of flowers and a small gift bag on the dining room table. As I gave Parker a thank you kiss he giggles and yells: "it's a picture frame!" and an exasperated Kevin tells him: "shhh, it's supposed to be a surprise, don't tell Mommy!". I opened up my cards...the cards were so sweet! As I reached inside the gift bag, Parker again squealing and jumping up and down yells: "it's a picture frame!". Guess what I pulled out of the bag??? A picture frame!

Kevin and the kids worked on my gift when they got home from work/school while I was still working...Kevin said it was a 2 night process. Both kids painted my beautiful picture frame!

Kevin said Parker helped paint the heart on the sign. He turned away from Parker for a second just in time for Parker to say: "Mommy loves sprinkles!" and watch Parker dump a bunch of pink glitter all over the heart and the floor...and with only 15 min til I got home from work. By the way Lyndsay C...I probably owe you a big bottle of pink glitter! lol

On Saturday night, after going out to dinner Kevin said he needed to stop by the store with the kids to pick up a few things for me while Kristin and I went to a girlfriend's house for a little girl's night in. He apparently got ingredients to make french toast...yummy!

not sure if she'll kill me for posting this...but here's the kids' fairy godmother, Kristin. I don't know how, but we didn't take any pic at all except for this and none with  Avery b/c she decided to sleep in!

after Avery woke up we decided to go to the park and brought the kids' plasma cars. this was the best present ever! the kids love using it!

my babies and me

my lovies and me

it's not just the kids who love riding the plasma car! lol

it was a sweltering hot morning so we only stayed for about 30 min...Parker didn't mind the heat and was racing around in his plasma car. Avery started to leave her car behind...so I had to ride it with her.

we decided to have a water kind of day after the park to cool off. we bought the baby pool since our big pool wasn't ready for swimming yet. Avery is sporting her first ponytail!

After playing outside, we had lunch. I was going through a wedge salad phase so Kevin fixed me up a big salad for lunch. The kids napped and then we decided to go to the airport and have a picnic dinner at the roof top deck of the garage. Only to find out that the roof top deck was closed for maintenance. Try explaining that to your 3.5 year old who was so excited to watch the planes and "trains" and have a picnic. Plan B was formulated as we drove back home. We decided to head to another park that we had never been to before, still eat our lunch on the back of the truck and then walk around and play with the kids.

Overall, it was a fabulous day! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! My wonderful husband and kiddos made this day simply the best day!

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