Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer prediction...

We live in Florida and Summer is in full force with temps in the 90s and humidity has set in. I have a prediction that our summer will be spent doing a whole lotta this:

eating lotsa watermelon

have sticky watermelon juice run down our chins

eating lots of ice cream

going to Home Depot for projects around the house

playing in the baby pool in the front yard while Mommy and Daddy...

do a small bit of gardening

baking brownies and sharing w/ neighbors and friends

riding with the top down...

riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens (and playing in the splash area)

waiting around at Busch Gardens b/c Avery's too little to ride some of the rides

succumbing to pressure and jumping into the cold pool after your 2 year old daughter smirks at you as she keeps jumping what to do but drag her in with you!

eating popsicles


date night in and night swimming

It's's sweltering hot, but we're gonna have lots of fun!

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