Monday, June 10, 2013


How is it that Parker's first year of pre-school has come and gone?!? Time is def flying by and as excited as I am for my kiddos to reach all these fun and exciting milestones, I'm also sad b/c they're growing up so fast and I just want to keep them little forever!

Parker's birthday is on Sept 10th so he just missed the cut off and that meant he had to be in the 2 year old class even though he turned 3 just a few weeks after school started. He went to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12 at the W Preschool. He was so excited to start pre-school! I was worried since I had been staying home with him for a while and the last time he had a non-relative watch him was when he was 20 months old - right before I had Avery. I had geared myself up for a meltdown after Kevin and I dropped him off, but he ran off to play with the trains and barely even looked back at us. He did fantastic and loved pre-school!

this picture cracks me was Parker's last day at W Preschool and could he look any goofier with that spiky hair (unintentional b/c he kept freaking out anytime we went anywhere near him w/ the clippers) and the silly smile?!? LOVE it!

Parker started speech class w/ Ms. Phyllis and I was worried about the transition. He did fabulous with the transition and loved Ms. Phyllis! His first obstacle at speech class was learning to say his /s/ words and within a few weeks he had that conquered. We are still working on his /l/ sounds. He is doing much better, but he will still sometimes pronounce it with a /w/ sound  and have to be reminded to "get his tongue up and ready". But apparently /l/ sounds are hard and are not completely mastered until mid to late 4 yrs old.

6/4/13: Parker's last day of speech class. Poor kiddo couldn't understand the concept of summer vacation. He has asked for Ms. Phyllis a few times and to go to speech class.

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